Podcast Episode #39 – Moms’ thoughts about raising boys

Raising Boys


Whether you’re expecting a boy or already have one in your family, we want to do our best to raise them to be emotionally healthy members of our families and then their own families one day. But how do we do raise emotionally healthy boys?

We begin our podcast series about Raising Boys with a conversation between two moms – Lianne March and Rebecca Thompson Hitt, both moms of boys. Lianne has a 13-year-old son and Rebecca has two sons, aged 14 and 19.

Today’s conversation tackles understanding emotional patterns in your family as it pertains to different members of your family of origin and just to notice if there are any specific patterns that are drawn on gender lines. There is even a worksheet that you can download to look at your own family’s patterns. You might just see something you hadn’t before. Remember, this is all about bringing patterns into conscious awareness, so you can make a choice about them, not about blame or shame.

They talk about when their boys were young and what they noticed regarding what kinds of toys and activities their boys gravitated towards and how that changed as they grew.

As mothers of teen boys, they also share about their experiences of noticing the shift that happens as boys enter puberty regarding emotions, physicality, and the need for some more risk. Lots of real life examples and stories are shared.

This series will be recorded during the month of April. Next week, we’ll be talking with Nathan McTague from The Center for Emotional Education.

We welcome your questions on this topic. Just send us an email and we will do our best to answer them for you!

Resources from this Episode

We’ll be updating this page with more resources about raising boys as we receive recommendations so be sure to check back!

FREE Printable PDF: Exploring Your Family Patterns

In this episode, we brought up a whole bunch of questions for you to consider about how you and your family handle feelings. It can be really interesting to think about what things were like when you were growing up, and then see how things are in your family now. Notice what things are similar and what’s different.

We added more questions than we even discussed on the podcast, so be sure to sign up below and download the PDF and spend some time working on it. You may want to print out a copy for yourself and your partner to do separately, and then see whether things were similar or different for you.

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