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Little People, Big Challenges is a series that was born out of a new paradigm, or way of looking at the behaviors of young children, including babies.

As parents, we know our babies communicate with us about being hungry, tired, or needing a new diaper. Even then, it can be challenging to discern what some babies are needing. Beyond that, most of us feel like we must wait until our little ones are talking and interacting with us more to understand what else is going on for them. But our little ones are communicating with us in ways that are really profound, right from birth, and learning more about this will forever change the way you look at babies and young children.

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So many of our kids’ behaviors are a mystery. It often seems like they were born a certain way with interesting idiosyncrasies. Most of the time their idiosyncrasies are cute and we don’t worry too much about them. Sometimes they’re annoying. And sometimes they’re worrisome and have an impact on our relationship.

A “hidden story” isn’t an historical story or one based on the facts of an experience. It’s how the person made sense of what happened.

It’s the story a child tells himself or herself, and it can begin when the child is very, very young. It happens when the child is primarily living in their right (emotional) brain, not the left (logical) brain.

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