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Certified Holistic Family Consultants

Jen Kobrick

Florida, USA. Specialty: Early Parenting

Jen is the wife of a space geek and homeschooling mom to two little ones. She knew when she became a mom that she wanted to parent differently than she experienced growing up. She read the usual books, took classes on birth and breastfeeding, and set out to Do Parenting Right. Then she was blessed with an intense, challenging, incredible little person who didn’t do anything the way the books said he would! Jen’s early parenting journey was difficult and emotional. She was fortunate to find supportive community that helped her adapt to her son’s needs, and when she found Consciously Parenting things really began to shift in her family and in her relationships with her children and her partner. Consciously Parenting gave her the tools and framework to grow, heal, and connect with herself and her son, and to respond instead of react in intense, emotionally heated moments. As Jen has found more joy and connection in parenting, she has felt called to support other families doing this work to heal and grow, especially families of young children. When she’s not building with Lego or making another batch of dino nuggets, Jen enjoys travel, scuba diving, knitting, and ballet. Jen is a certified Holistic Family Consultant through the Consciously Parenting Project’s 2 year training program.

Lianne March

Florida, USA. Specialty: Babies to Teens

Lianne March graduated from Clemson University in 2003. She lives in Melbourne, Florida with her husband, Allen, 4 children: Allen IV, Alexa, Austin, and Abby. She also has two dogs, a bunch of chickens, and her parents live in the backyard in their RV when they aren’t traveling the country. In addition to homeschooling her children, she supports other families in many areas including breastfeeding and general parenting. Lianne has been part of The Consciously Parenting Project since it began in 2007, serving behind the scenes with the website and book publishing. More recently she has joined Rebecca on the podcast, written for the blog, and is helping families as a Consciously Parenting Certified Holistic Family Consultant (HFC).

Rachel Rothman

Washington, USA. Specialty: Pre-teens and Teens

Rachel lives outside of Seattle Washington and co-parents her 15-year-old son. She joined the Consciously Parenting family in 2013. This began her process of repairing her relationship with her son and finding a more conscious way to parent. In her own journey she was raised by an authoritarian parent and continued this parenting style as a schoolteacher, until it began to break down in her own parenting. At that point she decided to explore other ways. Since beginning she has radically shifted the way she works with all people, using the consciously parenting methods that are both inclusive and respectful, honoring everyone no matter their age or status. She completed the 2-year training with Consciously Parenting as well as an Intuitive Energy Healer Training Program with the School of Intuitive Studies. She uses a combination of these techniques to listen, assist in shifting stagnant energy, and support integration in her one-on-one sessions.

Tessa Nel

Consciously Parenting South Africa. Specialty: Toddlers, Preschoolers and Elementary-aged children

Tessa lives in Cape Town, South Africa, with her husband and two children. She is certified as a Holistic Family Consultant (HFC) through The Consciously Parenting Project’s 2 Year Training program. She also holds an honours degree in psychology. She runs a facebook group, Mindful Mamas (South Africa), with the intention of bringing like-minded mamas together in a safe online space. She also facilitates groups face-to-face (locally, in Cape Town) to share Rebecca’s teachings. The groups provide a safe space for mamas to come together, learn about conscious parenting, and receive much needed emotional support.

Professional Partners

Pam Leo, Connection Parenting

Connection Parenting Course

Pam Leo is an independent scholar in human development, a parent educator, a certified childbirth educator, a doula, a parent, and a grandparent. She is the author of the book Connection Parenting.

“My journey has been and continues to be a wondrous one. While raising my two daughters, I supported us by being a family child care provider for children ages two to ten, fifty hours a week, fifty weeks a year, for twenty-two years. During that time I homeschooled my daughters and continued my own independent study of human development. In 1989 I developed the seven-session parenting series, “Meeting the Needs of Children” which I teach publicly and in the prison system with inmate parents.”

Pam Leo founded The Book Fairy Pantry Project in 2016 and is dedicated to supporting the literacy of all children, especially those who normally wouldn’t have access to books!

“Illiteracy is a disease of poverty.
The way out of poverty is literacy.
The currency of literacy is children’s books.”
—Pam Leo

Sarah L. Bingham, MS, CNS, LDN, CGP, Holistic Nutrition

Clinical Nutritionist
Founder and Executive Director, Fast Food Healing, LLC

Sarah received her BA in Child Development from Tufts University and her Master’s Degree in Food Science and Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts. She is a Certified Nutrition Consultant, a licensed Dietitian and a Certified GAPS practitioner.

Sarah is the Founder and Executive Director of Fast Food Healing, a nutrition consulting and education business. Sarah co-authored the book Food Allergies: A Self Help Guide, ran her own holistic nutrition consulting practice in Lenox, MA, and was a regular guest on National Public Radio before moving to Tampa, FL. Her practice is affiliated with Axe Holistic Medicine where she sees clients of all ages and health challenges. Sarah also has offices in Lutz and on Davis Islands. Sarah has over 36 years of experience counseling clients on health and nutrition.

Sarah’s app, which includes her ongoing podcasts, can be found in your app store under Fast Food Healing. This focuses on helping moms learn holistic ways to help their children who are not well.

Sarah is a dynamic and passionate speaker who communicates with clarity, humor and inspiration the simplicity of achieving wellness. She loves speaking to organizations and schools. Contact Sarah at sarah@fastfoodhealing.com or 813-321-5303. Visit her website at www.fastfoodhealing.com.


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