Training Program

I want a world where my children are treated with respect, where we raise children who are emotionally healthy, where we have the resources and support to help us, as parents, be emotionally healthy and there is a village to help us all from the time we’re babies until our old age.
Most of us didn’t grow up with that. And most of us don’t really know how to do it.
We’re hazy on how to create healthy boundaries. We don’t want to fly off the handle and be too punitive, but we may end up on the other side of things and not set any boundaries, which doesn’t feel good, either.
We don’t really understand what our children’s behavior means and we certainly don’t know what to do about it other than what our parents did or what we see other parents doing around us. But it either doesn’t work or feels awful.
We like the idea of attachment and creating healthy relationships that meet the real needs of our kids, but we have our own attachment wounding we may need to heal. We have our own stories that are coming up that need integrating.
We want a place where we can find our own way to connect with our kids and in our families, but so many people are judgmental especially when it comes to parenting.
We love the idea of our own story and making sense of it, but aren’t really sure how to go about that.
And our kids have a story, too, but how do we work with that?! How do we help create the healing stories our children need to heal?
The idea of regulation, or learning to calm, is a good one that we’d like to be able to help our kids learn, but we may not really know how to do that. We’re not really sure how to parent with regulation in mind. Or even regulate ourselves after we’ve been upset since no one really understood that when we were growing up.

The Opportunity

I’ve created an opportunity for parents and professionals to learn with me over a period of two years. This experience is for those who want to really deepen their own family relationships while connecting deeply with other families on a similar journey. We’ll be exploring and learning together, supporting one another to understand ourselves and each of our family members better so we can connect in new ways.

This experience will also support those who would like to provide a layer of support for others in their communities, either as a professional or a helping parent. Participants will be certified in each module to teach the materials in their communities and those who complete the entire 2-year training will be Certified Consciously Parenting Educators and Consultants and will be added to our list of resources for families for your community on the Consciously Parenting website.

The training will be broken down into four 6-month modules starting August 2019.

Before we go any further, let me explain the format of this training. This is a virtual training. You can do the training from anywhere in the world. It is a combination of on-line modules with audios to listen to, experiential practice through video chat room connections twice per month to deepen your skills and connect with each other, and a private online forum where you can ask questions, explore your own story, and practice supporting others. It can be done in about 6 hours per month and most of it is on your own schedule. There’s more if you’d like to dive into more information, but 6 hours is enough time for all the core work. Content will be released once per month at the beginning of the month for you to watch, listen, or read on your own time. Calls will be scheduled during the month for questions and Healing Story Circles. Now back to our previously started discussion!

Module 1: What it Really Takes to Raise Emotionally Healthy Families (Foundational principles)

August 2019- January 2020

This is our foundational module upon which all future information will be built. You will learn the science of parenting and connected (and disconnected) relationships, shifting from a focus on behaviors to a focus on the relationship. During this module, you’ll begin Healing Story Circles, which is the main healing modality we will be using during our training together to deepen into the core ideas we are discussing in our work.

We will break for the US holidays at the end of November for Thanksgiving and 2 weeks at the end of December.

Module 2: Creating Connection (Early Experiences and their impact on later life)

February-July 2020
In our second module, we’ll be exploring the world of our early lives, from before conception, pregnancy, birth, and the first few years of life. It’s an exploration of your own patterns that show up in your nervous system and behaviors and an exploration of how these early patterns show up for your kids. The basis of this module is Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology.

Module 3: Nurturing Connection (Connecting through every day experiences and life, healing yourself and your family every day)

August 2020- January 2021

In this module, we’ll deepen into what we learned in the first and second modules and discover how we can apply this information in daily life to connect with one another more deeply. By this time, everyone will be well-versed in Healing Story Circles and the sharing and healing that happens there as we listen deeply to one another is profound.

Module 4: All Relationships Can Heal: Transforming the Stories of Our Lives

February- August 2021

Based on Rebecca’s 4th book, this module focuses on what healing looks like through the lens of the ARCH of healing. We’ll explore healing your relationship with yourself, healing your relationship with your partner, healing your relationship with your child, healing relationships with those outside your inner circle (extended family, friends, etc), and what healing really looks like. We’ll look more in-depth at how to support healing with difficult children and the many faces of what healing actually looks like in real life. Deep healing and transformation happen in this module both personally and professionally as the content has built up to culminate here with everything we’ve learned together.

Deep and Profound Personal Growth is the Foundation for Helping Others

When you sign up for this program, you’re engaging in a special process to deepen your own understanding of yourself, your family, and other families in your community. Each module builds on the one before, from integrating your earliest life experiences and how they show up in your present life to healing relationships with your kids, with yourself, and with other family members. Because of the unique way this program is designed, we’re asking for you to commit to the entire two-year program. This is the kind of growth process you won’t experience anywhere else and especially not for this level of financial commitment. We want to make this program doable and affordable for you, which is why much of it is designed as a self-study with opportunities to connect with others in the program as much as you’d like. And payment plans are available, as well as limited scholarships to help those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford it.

Content will be a combination of short audios on the topics, group forum discussions, bi-monthly video conference calls with Rebecca, and optional retreats to deepen your experiences with the materials. You will also have access to the full library of Consciously Parenting resources and a teaching guide for sharing the material with others in your community. You will receive discounts on bulk purchases of materials, including books, along with any other fun ideas we come up with for sharing with your individual community. We’ll have on-going support for you once you finish the training, so that you can share the information with confidence.

Time Commitment

Time is always a challenge when you’re parenting and/or working as a professional, so I wanted to address those questions first.

I’m estimating about 1 ½ hours per week with some weeks being less and others being more, averaged out over the experience. There will be audios to listen to or videos to watch, which you can do when it works best for you. You will have assignments to observe yourself, your family, or others (at a park or other public place) and write about them, either for yourself or in our private forums. As we go deeper into the training, you’ll have more assignments to apply the information. You can always spend more time if you have it to deepen your understanding of the material, but I want this to feel doable for you.

The Financial Commitment

This is my second full 2-year training.  I want to keep the group relatively small – around 20 people – so that I can provide individualized support to make sure you’re really able to apply the information.

Each 6-month module purchase comes with one hour of one-on-one time with me to deepen your understanding and apply this work to your own family. (Value $150)

Everything Membership is included.

You’ll get access to the full library of resources, as well as additional support calls and content. These resources can help support your own learning and deepen your understanding of the material. It also opens up 2 additional Healing Story Circles calls per month to give you additional opportunities to practice listening and reflecting the experience of others.

Single payment: one time fee for the full 2-year program – $2200 (saves $300 over 4 payment plan and $680 over the monthly payment plan)

Four payments: Each module paid in full at the beginning of each module – four payments of $625 

Monthly payment plan: $120/mo for 24 months


Do I have to go somewhere for this training?

No. This training is a virtual training. You can take the whole training from the comfort of home, office, coffee house, or other place you have access to the internet. There are optional retreats you can attend in person to deepen your understanding of the material and details of those will be shared as they are planned.

How many people will be in the training program?

The training is limited to 20 participants to keep the group small and intimate.

What materials do I need to take this program?

Access to a computer and internet.
Computer or Smartphone camera required.
Copies of my books, either e-books, audio books or physical books, are also required. You will receive a copy of book 4 as soon as it becomes available.

Do I need to be a professional?

No. This program is open to parents and professionals. We want professionals to have the opportunity to train and apply this work to your existing practices in whatever field you’re already working in. (Including but not limited to counselors, social workers, midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, breastfeeding counselors, physicians, chiropractors, massage therapists, craniosacral therapists…). We also want to provide an opportunity for parents to learn to support other parents through education.

What happens when I finish this training? Am I certified in something?

You’ll be a Certified Consciously Parenting Educator and Holistic Family Consultant. For each module you complete, you can add that to your training and experience. When you’re finished with each module, you can begin sharing educational materials with groups in your community, supporting parents individually through consultations as a trained listener, and be listed on The Consciously Parenting Project’s website as a practitioner with whom parents can connect. There may be further opportunities through The Consciously Parenting Project for employment, facilitating classes and later trainings, as well. Others who take the training may only really want to share with their own families or own circles of friends. There’s no obligation to do anything with the training if your goals are really to help your own family.

Can I take this training just for my own family’s growth?

YES! If you’re not interested in supporting others outside of your own family, I would love to have you in this training. There will be lots of opportunities to do your own personal work and learn to support your own family in different ways throughout this process. It would be highly recommended for families who want more connection or who are feeling disconnected to be a part of this experience.

Can my spouse or partner take the training, too?

Yes. That would be really awesome if they’re interested, too! We would love to include parenting partners. Each person needs to register separately. If there’s a financial need, we can work something out.

What about dads/men? Can they take the training?

YES, please! Dads are encouraged and very welcome to be a part of what we’re creating here. Dads need support for their own parenting in their own families and we need dads who get this to share it in their own communities with other fathers, even peer-to-peer. We need men who have the intellectual understanding of the neuroscience, attachment ideas, epigenetics, etc. AND have the heart connection and understanding.

What will learning look like in this training?

This program will be a blending of knowledge and application. We will begin by applying the information to you and your family. You’ll learn more of the neuroscience of what’s happening in your brain (and the brains of those you love), along with other science applicable to our paradigm. But information without a way to apply it doesn’t do anyone any good. We’ll spend an equal amount of time learning to apply the information through experiential exercises both together in our group and to try in your own family.

You’ll receive the information through readings, audios recorded specifically for this training, and previous recordings that will help to inspire you and deepen your understanding. But the biggest part will actually be in getting to know the other families in the training and learning to apply the information together. You’ll find that you begin to see the concepts more easily applied to others before you can see them for yourself, so the group process is a huge part of this training.

All group processes will be recorded for your review if you’re unable to join a particular live class and so you can have the opportunity to try in your own family or practice if you’re a professional.

When will the live calls happen?

We will determine as a group the best times for our calls so that as many people can join live as possible. We will make sure there is at least one live call of the two each month that you can attend live no matter where you are in the world.

Do I need to be in the United States to participate?

NO! I expect to have parents and professionals from countries outside the US, as well as people in the US. As long as you have internet and access to a computer, you have everything you need to participate.

What about the retreats? Are those required?

No. They’re highly recommended because it will give you the opportunity to deepen your understanding and connect with other parents in the training, but it is not required.

When are the retreats happening?

We are scheduling our first retreat in early 2020 in Oaxaca, Mexico called the Warrior Mama Retreat. 

Are there Prerequisites?

You need to have a conversation with Rebecca to make sure this training is a good fit for you, if you haven’t already had one. You also need to attend one Healing Story Circle before you enroll. Please contact Rebecca at the email address below for schedule of calls. There is a $25 fee to attend the circle for non-members.

Reading Rebecca’s first book, Consciously Parenting: What it Really Takes to Raise Emotionally Healthy Families is strongly recommended. We want this to be a good fit for everyone and if you resonate with the ideas in this book, the training will probably be a good fit for you.

You’ll need to fill out an application first just so Rebecca can learn a little about you, so please do that right now if you’re interested. Yes, even if you haven’t attended a Healing Story Circle yet. Maybe especially if you haven’t! Click here to apply!

Any other questions you have that haven’t been addressed here?

Please feel free to email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • The Consciously Parenting Project is a collaboration between Rebecca Thompson Hitt, professionals who want to make things different for parents, and families from around the world. Together, we’re making the world a better place one family at a time! We hope that you’ll pull up a seat and join us!