Little People Big Challenges

Little People, Big Challenges is a series that was born out of a new paradigm, or way of looking at the behaviors of young children, including babies.

As parents, we know our babies communicate with us about being hungry, tired, or needing a new diaper. Even then, it can be challenging to discern what some babies are needing. Beyond those basic communications, most of us feel like we must wait until our little ones are talking and interacting with us more to understand what else is going on for them. But our little ones are communicating with us in ways that are really profound, right from birth, and learning more about this will forever change the way you look at babies and young children.

This series of audios was recorded with real parents.

We helped them to apply the newest clinical research about what babies are communicating to the situations we most struggle with as parents – sleeping, breastfeeding or feeding in general, and car seats.

Babies communicate through their body movements, facial expressions, and sounds. They have had experiences beginning in the womb, through the birth process, and in early life that are recorded in their bodies and nervous systems. When a baby is having difficulty breastfeeding or wakes at night screaming, it’s very likely that your baby or young child is actually showing you part of that early story of what happened to them.

This series offers an in-depth look at early life through a different lens, and provides tools to help you connect with your baby in a new way.

That connection will open the way for solutions that you didn’t know were possible.

Ray, Rebecca and Mary

Join Rebecca, Ray Castellino and Mary Jackson as they share cutting-edge information in ways you can actually use in your parenting. These classes cover some of the most popular parenting topics.

The entire Little People – Big Challenges Series is available via Audio Download. (Bonus transcripts are included!)

The following topics are available individually or you can get them all in one package.

Story Sharing: How babies and families share stories to resolve early trauma

Looking for healing in your family? Have you been through overwhelming events with your children? Perhaps a challenging birth or an illness? Or maybe everyone is just overwhelmed with family life right now and no one is sure how to move out of the space. Audio length: 1 hour.

Car seats and Traveling: Hope and help for families when a baby or child is upset while riding in the car

Did you know that when babies are upset in the car, it isn’t JUST about being separated from mom? Did you know that even if your baby or young child screams every time they’re in the car, there is HOPE that it can become something easy? And it isn’t about more toys or just not going anywhere until they outgrow it.

Birth and Birth Trauma: Resolving birth trauma and integrating birthing experiences

Did you know that birth and early prenatal experiences can affect us deeply? No matter how many years ago your child was born, this program can help you to understand your child much more deeply. Learn how to create new patterns in your daily life with your child in this inspirational program with Mary Jackson of

Bonding & Attachment: Making space in the family for a new baby and the unexpected feelings that can occur

Have you wondered how to make space in the relationship for the new child to come in? Do you have unexpected feelings of loss for the way things were before? Have your expectations about the bond with the new baby or child been unmet? Ray Castellino and Mary Jackson join Rebecca for Bonding and Attachment.

Sleep: Follow Beth and Scott, and their daughter, Beata, through their real-life sleep struggles

We are thrilled to offer this 4-part series on infant and toddler sleep. We will follow one family through their journey as they seek help for their sleep struggles with their daughter.

For these sessions, Rebecca teamed up with Ray Castellino and midwife Mary Jackson to share cutting-edge information in ways you can actually use in your parenting. These sessions are now available for purchase. Each session includes the audio recording to listen online or download the MP3 and a transcript of the audio.

In the second session, we introduce you to Beth & Scott and their daughter Beata – a real family who contacted us after they heard the free recording. You’ll get to know their story and the sleep struggles they have with their daughter Beata who is almost 3 years old. Listen as Ray, Mary and Rebecca give suggestions for Beth and Scott to try, and further discuss the underlying reasons for Beata’s sleep challenges that trace back to early experiences in her life. Audio length: over 1.5 hours.

In the third and fourth sessions, we’ll check back in with Scott and Beth to see how they are doing with the new information they’ve learned. See what new information they are able to uncover and how those clues relate to the behaviors they see in everyday life. After these calls, you’ll get to hear Ray, Mary and Rebecca discuss the topics further to help deepen your understanding of this amazing work. Audio length: almost 2 hours.

  • The Consciously Parenting Project is a collaboration between Rebecca Thompson Hitt, professionals who want to make things different for parents, and families from around the world. Together, we’re making the world a better place one family at a time! We hope that you’ll pull up a seat and join us!