Differently Wired: One Mom’s Shoe Shopping Story

Shoe shopping with a child with social and sensory issues is NOT our favourite thing. 

First there’s the loud music, then there’s the other kids in the shop, next there’s the strange people touching your feet, and then it’s wrinkled socks and them wanting to pull trousers up to see your feet. That’s before you’ve even tried some shoes. 

So today we prayed. 

It’s been a rough few weeks and Flynn has no fitting shoes because it’s taken two weeks of planning just to get to the store. 

Today we were blessed with an angel. An attentive fitter, who listened to and followed my cues, didn’t flinch when Flynn screamed and kicked, and found us the right shoes in two go’s. 

It’s people like this who make navigating life with a #differentlywired child so much easier. 

Patience, kindness, non-judgement. 

She made a mama’s day and a little boy’s life so much easier. We are so grateful for Chloe today. Thank you! 

Last time I had to carry Flynn out of the store because he was ‘causing a scene’.

If you see a child screaming in a shop, don’t assume they just need disciplining. Send them and their mama some love. You have no idea what others are going through in that moment. 

Yah for new shoes! We can leave the house again now!


Mary Houston

Mary Houston is a Life & business coach for women raising exceptional children. Best known for her spiritual self-help, transformational truth-telling and alchemical approach to business, she is living proof that you can still follow your dreams - even whist parenting a high-needs child. Mary is a personal growth pioneer who has been supporting & coaching women and children for almost 25 years, and has a rich experience of studies in holistic health, meditation and human behaviour. She is a part-time entrepreneur, a full-time homeschooling solo-mama, and lives her imperfectly perfect dream life in organised chaos with her 6yr old son. Together they love baking & eating cakes, watching nature programs, reading as many books as possible and saving animals.

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