Finding My Purpose

Unrolling my mat last night in yoga class, I noticed we had a substitute teacher. I sighed inwardly, a little disturbed that my regular teacher wasn’t there. I felt uncertain, like I didn’t know what I was getting into.

Even though I have been doing yoga for twenty-five years–I even taught years ago–I still consider myself a beginner. I feel like a newbie in every new yoga class I take; yet, I don’t want my yoga instructor to be one. I don’t mean to belittle someone young and excited, but sometimes their insistence in sharing their new yoga discoveries can make class feel cumbersome and, honestly, yield too much talking. Nevertheless, I laid on my mat and resigned myself to do it. After all, I had made it to class after managing to escape the chaos at home.


Hating Where You Live

I didn’t want to live in Suburbia. I still stand out like a sore thumb, and the PTA ladies probably run the other way when they see me, but I have learned some big lessons. In the past year, I have finally learned that it truly doesn’t matter where you live. You can make any house a home and any neighborhood a community if you choose to do it. You don’t have to hate where you live.


My Loud Journey to Conscious Mindfulness

I am a yeller. I come from a long family line of yellers. The yelling isn’t necessarily done out of anger; it is simply another form of communication… a loud one.

After children came into my life, I could see the negative impact the yelling had on them. I wasn’t crossing the line into verbal abuse, but I would raise my voice to get their attention. I would raise my voice even louder after the third time trying to get their attention.


Creating Soft Boundaries

Having dinner with my aunt recently forced me to revisit my boundary issues. You know the boundaries I am talking about, the lines that should be drawn in situations you aren’t comfortable with, like say uprooting your family of five to help someone else with their vacation plans.

“I need you to live in my house and take care of my cat while I go live in Europe for two years.”


Giving Up Homeschool

There is no right or wrong choice in schools (homeschool, private school, public, etc.); but after doing all of them, I realized for me and my kids, life experience was more than great planned vacations that didn’t happen often enough, or being creative with your curriculum. For me, school was about community and the opportunities random people provide. I may have failed at homeschooling, but I realized that every family is different and we all have individual needs.