Little People Big Challenges

We are excited to announce a new set of
On Demand Classes:

Little People – Big Challenges

Rebecca Thompson is teaming up with Ray Castellino and midwife Mary Jackson to share cutting-edge information in ways you can actually use in your parenting. These classes will cover some of the most popular parenting topics.


These Classes will include the following topics:

Infant and Toddler Sleep
High-Need Babies and Sleep
Breastfeeding and Sleep
Sleep Deprivation
Finding Support as a Parent and as a Family
Challenging Birth Experiences
Different Roles Within the Family
Carseat Information and Challenges

New audios available!


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    Understanding "The Brain Stoplight" -- Click the link in the comments below to download the First 3 Chapters of Rebecca's first book, Free...

    Sep 16th 1:48pm • 4 Comments

    Discovering YOURSELF in parenting

    Responsive parenting includes noticing what is working or not working
    for you, and recognizing that how you feel when you are doing
    something is just as important as what you’re doing. If something
    isn’t working for you, be curious about why it isn’t and get support
    if you need it.

    Sep 8th 1:00pm • 1 Comment

    Relationship, Relationship, Relationship

    Remember, the most important thing is your relationship with your
    children. Find ways to prioritize the relationship, and things will go
    much more smoothly for everyone. There will always be laundry and
    dishes to wash, but your child is young for just a short time.

    Sep 5th 1:00pm • No Comments