Little People Big Challenges

We are excited to announce a new set of
On Demand Classes:

Little People – Big Challenges

Rebecca Thompson is teaming up with Ray Castellino and midwife Mary Jackson to share cutting-edge information in ways you can actually use in your parenting. These classes will cover some of the most popular parenting topics.


These Classes will include the following topics:

Infant and Toddler Sleep
High-Need Babies and Sleep
Breastfeeding and Sleep
Sleep Deprivation
Finding Support as a Parent and as a Family
Challenging Birth Experiences
Different Roles Within the Family
Carseat Information and Challenges

New audios available!


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    Healing Through the Breath

    Sally Flintoff has been on an incredible healing journey that truly began when she adopted her 2 boys from Thailand and discovered she had her own healing to do.

    That journey took her through many different ways of healing, the most personally powerful for her being Breathwork.

    I've had the pleasure of knowing Sally for about 7 years and am delighted to share a closer look at how we can heal beginning with our breath. (It's all right there. No special tools required.)

    Here are a few of the highlights from our conversation:

    Have you ever wondered why your child can totally lose it and then just move on while you’re left stewing?

    Learn what feelings really have to do with the Law of Attraction- it’s probably not what you think!

    Learn how to harness the body’s self-healing mechanism to increase your immune system’s response, lower your blood pressure, as well as decrease anxiety and depression through the breath.

    You can listen to this conversation free with no strings attached by registering here:

    Feb 28th 12:47am • No Comments

    How about Healing all the way Down into Your Very Cells??

    Charan Surdhar, an Epigeneticist, great friend, and radiant being who loves a good cup of hot chocolate is not to be missed.

    Who doesn't like happy DNA? You'll learn how to make your DNA happy in this fun conversation.

    Did you know that your beliefs, emotions, and perceptions can dramatically affect your genes and your expression of health? That means that we are not victims of our genes!

    Did you know that our authentic unconditional love effects our genes and how those genes can be read 30,000 different ways?

    What you need to know to shift yourself into wholeness down to your very cells.

    You can listen to this talk and other really amazing conversations for free until Monday. Enrich your life. Be inspired. Join us here:

    Feb 27th 5:24pm • No Comments

    Conference Love Note
    "Rebecca ~ I want to thank you for your absolutely exquisite interview with Carrie Contey. I love how beautifully your energies meshed and danced, the content was exquisite and the support was amazing. I particularly loved that there was no "sell" at the end! This is the first time I've seen this done! It was about letting us learn about Carrie's work and letting the resonance take care of itself!

    It was so refreshing to not have a sales pitch. I was waiting for it (like every other program) and when it didn't happen I was so relieved and was left feeling a bit astounded and totally open to the message you all were sharing!"

    Marci Lebowitz, OT, Sedona, AZ

    Join us! It's free through Monday.

    Feb 26th 11:20pm • No Comments