Consciously Parenting In The Thick Of It

Some days are really intense, even for a conscious parent! What did my intense, overwhelming day look like today? What was different about it than the intense days before I found Consciously Parenting?

  • Jen is the wife of a space geek and homeschooling mom to two little ones. They have challenged her and pushed her to learn, grow, and heal in ways she would never have imagined, but she is a better mom and happier person after having found community and resources at Consciously Parenting! When she’s not building with Lego or wooden railway, Jen enjoys travel, scuba diving, sailing, knitting, and ballet.

Lianne March

Lianne March graduated from Clemson University in 2003. She lives in Melbourne, Florida with her husband, Allen, 3 children: Allen IV, Alexa, and Austin. She also has a dog, a bunch of chickens, and her parents live in the backyard in their RV when they aren't traveling the country. In addition to homeschooling her children, she supports other families in many areas including breastfeeding and general parenting. Lianne has been part of The Consciously Parenting Project since it began in 2007, serving behind the scenes with the website and book publishing. More recently she has joined Rebecca on the podcast, written for the blog, and is helping families as a Consciously Parenting Certified Holistic Family Consultant (HFC).

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