Episode 20 – Wisdom Wednesday: Understanding Development

Today on the All Relationships Can Heal podcast, we’re going to be talking about my 3rdguiding principle about our development. When we can understand a little bit more about how we develop and grow and how the growth creates patterns, we can start to understand ourselves and our loved ones in a different light. And the light is where the healing can happen. I’m Rebecca Thompson Hitt and you’re listening to the All Relationships Can Heal podcast and this is Wisdom Wednesday.


Episode 15 – Wisdom Wednesday: When is Technology a Problem?

We’re continuing our conversation with Alok and Kruti Kanojia of Healthy Gamer. Today we’re exploring the question of when technology and gaming is a problem? While physical health, emotional stability, social growth, real-world outcomes and mental health are some areas to explore, we’re most concerned with how can we stay in relationship while we’re identifying when something doesn’t seem to be working?


Episode 5 – Wisdom Wednesday: Regulation?

Wisdom Wednesday is all about the science behind what I’m talking about on the All Relationships Can Heal podcast. I love the research and translating it into usable information for humans to help make life just a little bit better.

Today we’re talking about regulation, which is a term used in nearly every scientific discipline, but until recently was nearly absent from parenting information. Regulation is feeling calm in the body, brain, and nervous system. When the body, brain, and nervous system are calm, we can make good choices about our behavior. Find out the ingredients of regulation to help yourself and your family in this episode!