Episode 21 – Thankful for Behaviors Thursday

When we think about difficult behaviors, very seldom are we thankful. Most of the time, understandably, we just want those behaviors to stop. So much parenting information suggests that we ignore or we punish behaviors if we don’t like them and that is supposed to make changes. But behaviors actually give us clues about the things that have happened to us earlier in our lives that are trying to heal. What if we could bring curiosity into the behaviors we see in ourselves and in our loved ones? Would that give us more space to actually see the behaviors for what they actually are and to find some gratitude for them? I’m Rebecca Thompson Hitt and this is the All Relationships Can Heal podcast. Today we’re talking about my guiding principle #4.


Episode 16 – Thankful Thursday: 5 Types of Gamers and Real World Skills

We are talking again with Alok and Kruti Kanojia, the co-founders of Healthy Gamer. We’ve been talking about technology and gaming and relationships, when we have something we need to be concerned about and listening to our intuition. It’s been such a rich conversation. Today we’re going to be talking about setting goals as a family and supporting the gamer, which is something that’s totally not the way we normally think. We’ll be sharing the 5 types of gamers and the real world skills the different types of gamers have.


Episode 6 – Thankful Thursday: Why Healing and Gratitude Go Hand in Hand

After all this talk so far this week about dysregulation and feeling unsettled, which happens when a relationship isn’t going well, we’re going to shift a bit into thankfulness. Finding something to be thankful for makes a huge difference in your body and your ability to regulate yourself! This is not about denying something is going poorly or that there isn’t suffering when there is. It’s easy to get sucked into the bad. Actually, our brains are wired to really be on alert for the bad things. That’s what helps us to avoid painful things in the future. It’s important and it helps keep us alive.

Today, you’ll hear about gratitude and thankfulness and what it has to do with healing relationships!