Episode 23 – Mindful Monday: The Stories We Believe

Relationships are created out of the experiences that happen in real life and the stories we make up about the things that happened. These stories can be true or maybe not quite true. And these stories can help us to heal or they can make things worse. Today we’re going to talk about those stories, where they come from, and what that has to do with healing.


Episode 1 – All Relationships Can Heal

All Relationships Can Heal. It’s a bold statement, but one that I stand behind.

Most people have a relationship that needs some healing balm. I’ve dedicated my life’s work to helping families to do the healing work to make their lives better, to empower them to create relationships that work, that are emotionally healthy, and to finish what is unfinished in whatever way is possible. In our first episode, you’ll get an introduction to the healing of relationships and what you can expect in our podcast!


Connecting When You Don’t Have a Magic Wand

Everyone wants to find peace. Everyone wants connection. But sometimes that’s just not our family’s reality. Maybe our reality is tension. Maybe there are disagreements and fights. Maybe we find ourselves disliking being around our child or the disconnection just feels bad to us and we want it to be different. Or maybe we’re overwhelmed. So where do we start when we’re far from a place of love, ease, and joy? How can we begin our journey to this seemingly elusive place?