Episode 5 – Wisdom Wednesday: Regulation?

Wisdom Wednesday is all about the science behind what I’m talking about on the All Relationships Can Heal podcast. I love the research and translating it into usable information for humans to help make life just a little bit better.

Today we’re talking about regulation, which is a term used in nearly every scientific discipline, but until recently was nearly absent from parenting information. Regulation is feeling calm in the body, brain, and nervous system. When the body, brain, and nervous system are calm, we can make good choices about our behavior. Find out the ingredients of regulation to help yourself and your family in this episode!


Coloring into Regulation

Today I woke up at what I’m calling a yellow light. Green light would be all completely calm and ready to face the day. Red would mean that I need to just stop everything because I’m completely overwhelmed. I was aware of it as soon as I pried my eyes open when my son woke me up.


Podcast Episode #4 – All Behavior is Communication

Rebecca Thompson Hitt, MS, MFT of The Consciously Parenting Project introduces the first guiding principle from her first book- All Behavior is a Communication. Parents who are making the shift from focusing on behaviors to focusing on the relationship will learn how they can begin making changes in how they understand what’s happening. Our children communicate through their behaviors. Are you understanding what your child is REALLY communicating? And is your interpretation of your child’s behavior helping you to connect? And is it helping them to behave better? Join us for this exploration. You’ll leave with some good reminders or new ideas to apply in your life today.