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Do you have a child between the ages of 3 and 9? Are you looking for information that supports gentle parenting, respectful parenting, that honors your needs, too, and helps you all stay connected as your child grows?

Do you want a community of other parents who are on a similar journey? Do you want to understand your child better, especially handling feelings (yours and your child's) in a way that supports optimal development?

Tantrums and emotional upsets? (Yours or your child's?)

We've got you.

Experiencing some challenging behaviors that nothing is really working to change?

We've got you.

Just want to talk to other parents who won't judge you for your gentle parenting choices?

We've got you.

Ideally this membership is for those with children between the ages of 3 and 9.

We’re offering a virtual support membership for moms* (and partners) to help you make sense of your child’s challenging behaviors so parenting can feel better for everyone.

This course is made for you! You get:

  • Parent-sized content (audio, video and text… choose what works best for you)
  • 6 months of access and support (Monthly Q&A Calls and 2 Healing Story Circle calls per month)
  • Community of parents with kids of all ages from around the world
  • Real parenting tools that work
  • Support to help you stay connected with your kids as they grow and tools to help support you if you're feeling disconnected
  • Direct help applying the ideas from Rebecca Thompson Hitt, MS, MFT

* We say moms for simplicity, but we mean any primary caregiver. It could be dad, grandma or grandpa, foster parents, future adoptive parents. Anyone who is primarily caring for a child.

Maybe you can relate to McKenna’s story:

“My 8-year-old is so demanding and has such explosive feelings. I feel like I’m being manipulated and it doesn’t feel good, but nothing I’ve done works. Transitions are difficult. Life is difficult. He can also be funny and creative, but I think that gets lost in the challenges we have every. single. day.
Nothing I’ve done has made a difference. I’ve read all the books. I just want him to stop exploding. And when I say I want him to stop exploding, I guess I need to say that I also need to stop exploding. It feels bad all around.”

McKenna sent this after she had worked with the ideas in Nurturing Connection and doing some work with Rebecca.

“Rebecca helped us to see that our son’s behavior and emotional outbursts were connected to the shock of his birth, which had been an emergency c-section. Every time we asked him to do something, he was going into a fight response in his nervous system.
Rebecca helped us to see that he needed some support in those moments to connect with his own body and move through the reaction so that he could actually respond to what was being said instead of just the shock reaction of something he didn’t expect.
It took a little time, but he’s no longer having big outbursts and he’s able to calm himself down. Transitions have gotten easier and life is more calm. I also realized that I needed some support with my own nervous system to learn how to regulate myself. It’s still a work in progress, but it already feels so much better. Highly recommend!”

This membership is for you if:

  • You have a child between the ages of 3 and 9 and want to understand his or her behaviors.
  • You want tools that actually work to make family life easier.
  • As a baby, toddler, and/or now, your child is considered intense or high-need, easily frustrated or angered.
  • Your child has experienced one or more of the following events: difficult pregnancy, difficult birth, NICU or Special Care Nursery stay, separation from parent, death, parental separation, divorce, abuse, or accidents.
  • You have a child who exhibits behaviors that don’t respond well to time-outs, punishments, or threats. In fact, it makes them worse.
  • If you'd like to join a community of others with similar aged children on a path to parent gently, with love and respect for the whole family.
  • If you'd like the opportunity to connect with parents with children of all ages to get that multi-aged perspective to see where this is going and support those who have children younger than yours.
  • You're looking for a judgment free zone where you can find your own way with supportive others there to help.

The Process:

We have developed tools that combine research (left brain- logic) with stories (right brain- emotion). Our Healing Stories approach helps create space for the emotional experiences of our lives and connect it with the left-brain words. We have such a difficult time knowing what to do with big feelings. As a culture, we want to shut down the feelings when they are uncomfortable for us. But feelings are there for a reason. They’re a communication tool. Understanding why the feelings are there and what to do about it, helping us all to connect in that emotional space instead of repeating the patterns of upset or waiting to see if they outgrow it.

This course combines left-brain logical information with experiences that support what you’re learning. Our Healing Story Circles are one part of that experience process. You’ll also learn practical tools to help you handle the everyday upsets of life, as well as the bigger ones.

There isn’t a parent alive who hasn’t experienced difficult feelings, either from their child or themselves. This course is designed to help support you in getting through the rough spots so you can come out the other side connected.

Outline for this 6-month course:

August and September 2019:

Part I: Big Feelings: Why Staying Connected Matters So Much

  • Brain Stoplight (You are here…)
  • Cultural expectations vs biological expectations
  • Attachment and feelings – the glue of relationships
  • When expression hurts

October and November 2019:

Part II: Staying Connected: Understanding the Stories of the Body and Nervous System

  • The stories without words (regressions and emotional age)
  • What’s it like for you? The story of your feeling life.
  • What does your child need?
  • What does it mean to stay connected? Does it mean they can do anything they want? A boundary discussion.

December 2019 and January 2020:

Part III: Tools for Support and Your Questions

  • Listen, Listen, Listen – Bridging the Gap (Right/Left brain)
  • It’s OK to have boundaries – making it work for everyone.
  • What if I’m the one with the big feelings?
  • How do we know if we need more help?

Membership Content:

  • Real parenting tools that work
  • Parent-sized content (audio, video & text)
  • Community of parents with kids of all ages from around the world
  • Book 3 e-book PDF and audiobook MP3s ($30 value)
  • Direct help applying the information from Rebecca Thompson Hitt, MS, MFT
  • Listening to Feelings 6 month course (ready to roll)
  • Navigating the Current virtual conference with 10 inspirational interviews that will keep you engaged and growing as a parent
  • Let's Get Moving- inspiration and ideas to get your whole family moving through play
  • Tantrums and Emotional Upsets
  • Healing Stories
  • Sleep

This membership is included with the purchase of Pam Leo's on-demand Connection Parenting course with live Q&A calls with Pam Leo starting August 2.

Pay what you can…

Please pay as much as you can afford to support the work we’re doing here at The Consciously Parenting Project. We strive to make our information affordable for all families. If you can afford more, you’re helping to support a family who might not otherwise be able to have the support, so thank you for paying more when you can.

Together we are stronger.

Together we make a difference.

Together we make the world a better place.

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