LIVE Online 3-Hour Event- Reclaiming YOU: A Nurturing Workshop for Mothers on Saturday, May 16 at 11am EDT

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Are you ready to Reclaim YOU and spend some time focusing just on yourself and what you need right now?

This is a wonderful Mother's Day gift for yourself or someone you love.

We're going to be co-creating a restorative experience for you where you can connect with others and choose how you'd like to spend the middle of the workshop based on what would most nourish YOU right now.

We've all been quarantined for what seems like forever. While some places are beginning to open up, others are continuing to be locked down for the foreseeable future. If you're actively parenting right now, it has probably felt in many ways like a marathon. Whether you've been working a job from home and juggling kids or you've been leaving home as an essential worker, if you've lost your job, if your kids are now home from school, if you were homeschooling and lost all your normal activities outside the home, life looks totally different right now and it's harder in so many ways.

We're setting aside this time for YOU to rejuvenate, to connect with other moms from around the world, and to spend some time doing what feels the best for you. Pull together your favorite things (crafting, art supplies, music, movement, journal, etc.) and join us for this restorative time together!

Our day together looks like this: (All times east coast US- EDT)

11:00 am: Introduction to the day and Intentions

11:15 am: Meditation

11:20 am: Listening and Reflecting Overview

11:30 am: Check-ins in small groups

12:00 pm: Break-outs - This is the choose-your-own-adventure part. If you are rejuvenated by writing, you'll be connected with other writers. If you are filled up by doing art or crafting, we'll connect you with other moms who enjoy the same. If you love to move, to listen to music, singing or dancing, you'll get to connect with others who also are filled up by finding their groove. If you'd just like to spend your time taking a hot bath, going for a walk, or sitting in silence, there's a space for that, too. Want to talk and share your experiences? We have a space for you, too. Whatever your need you can make it a solitary experience during this hour or choose to stay connected in your group. It's all about what YOU need.

1:00 pm Transition and Break

1:15 pm: Reconnecting, Sharing Your Experiences (if you want!)

1:45 pm Closing and Staying Connected

Join us for our Live online workshop Saturday, May 16, 11:00 am - 2:00 pm Eastern US time

If you have a desire to attend and are experiencing a financial hardship right now, please email (title the email: Reclaiming ME scholarship) and we will get you set up to attend at no charge. We want anyone who wants and needs this experience to be able to participate and connect!

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