Healing Stories

Healing Stories is a healing modality developed by Rebecca Thompson Hitt, based on the work of Ray Castellino and BEBA (Building and Enhancing Bonding and Attachment) out of Santa Barbara, CA, and Hedy Schleifer, a couples therapist who pioneered a process called Crossing the Bridge. The process combines current brain science, polyvagal theory, attachment research, trauma integration research and more to create a safe space to process difficult experiences and do some deep healing along the way.

There are Healing Stories processes for individuals, couples and families to process difficult experiences during pregnancy and birth, or other difficult or overwhelming life experiences. There are also Healing Stories for whole families, including babies, to create a space to heal difficult early experiences or trauma and attachment wounds in connection with one another. We heal in connection and we just need a space that's safe enough to allow the healing that is trying to happen. All Healing Story experiences can be done virtually from anywhere in the world with good internet.

We also offer Healing Story Circles, which provides an opportunity for you to connect with others from around the world to co-create a safe space together. Rather than advice, we practice listening deeply to one another and reflecting back what we hear and see, including the strengths and resilience we can see. Accurate reflection is an essential part of connecting and healing. Healing Story Circles are 90 minutes and are scheduled frequently throughout the month with different times available to work for families around the world.

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