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Excerpt from Consciously Parenting:

“As parents, we have a steady diet of conflicting information coming at us from all directions. The long list of essential dos and don’ts has most of us spinning our wheels in indecision, not knowing what we’re actually supposed to do to parent our children. We follow parenting advice from “experts” even if it doesn’t feel right because we aren’t sure what else to do or we feel that someone else must know what our child needs better than we do.

Consciously Parenting is about listening to your own inner guidance system, trusting your own inner voice about what is needed in your family and for your child. It is also about finding what you need and finding a way to meet your own needs in a way that still respects the needs of your child and the needs of the relationship.”

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  • Consciously Parenting

    The Consciously Parenting Project is a collaboration between Rebecca Thompson Hitt, professionals who want to make things different for parents, and families from around the world. Together, we’re making the world a better place one family at a time! We hope that you’ll pull up a seat and join us!