Reflections on Connection & Celebrating 11 years of The Consciously Parenting Project

11 years-ago this month, in September of 2007, I launched The Consciously Parenting Project with lots of help and encouragement from my friends and family.

I had just spent the previous several years really struggling as a parent. I knew who I wanted to be as a parent, but what was actually happening in our daily life wasn’t that.

I struggled to understand my older son’s behaviors. I didn’t know how to support his relationship with his younger brother so that it was safe for both of them. And my reactions were not what I wanted them to be.

I was exhausted, yet I was determined to find a way for this to be different for all of us.

And I figured it out.

It was recognizing that my boys were communicating through their behaviors and it wasn’t that they needed more punishment.

They were showing me how much they needed connection, understanding and support.

They were showing me places in myself that needed to heal so I could truly be with them.

I needed a lot of support from others who could help me see what was happening, but once I really understood the layers of what was happening, everything started to shift. It wasn’t perfect (still isn’t) and it took a while, but I can tell you that before I launched Consciously Parenting, there had been a tremendous shift in myself and in my family and I knew I needed to share what I had learned with the world.

I share because it is life-changing.

That’s what I’ve seen in my own family and in the hundreds of families who have worked with me or joined my classes or programs over the past 11 years.

We can change the way we respond to our children. When we do, it changes our brain and radically changes our relationships for the better. And our children learn from us as we grow. It changes their brains, too.

I also learned what a huge role our bodies have in our relationships. In our culture, the focus is always on the brain and intellectual understanding. But we are human beings with a body, not just the space from the chin up and slightly to one side, as Sir Ken Robinson says in his TED talk about education, referring to the left, cognitive part of our brain.

Our bodies are communicating and having responses and reactions that aren’t intellectual. Sometimes they’re emotional. Sometimes they’re survival reactions. We all have them. Our kids all have them. They are part of being human, yet we know very little about them.

And when we get this and can apply it to our parenting, it changes everything. When we can understand that there is a story in our children’s nervous systems happening and playing itself out from conception, pregnancy, birth and that we can work with that story and repattern it, it gets us out of that place of being and feeling stuck.

And we, as adults, have those stories in our bodies, too.

Healing is always possible.

It’s a radical statement, but it’s true.

Asks questions like,

“What happened to my child?” instead of “What’s wrong with my child?”

“What is my child communicating through his/her behavior?”  

And my favorite from Pam Leo’s Connection Parenting:

“What can I do to connect?”

I’ve spent 11 years so far listening to your stories and supporting parents like you on this healing journey. I’ve supported couples to find new ways to see one another back into connection or supported the couples who need to separate and co-parent with respect. I’ve supported families who have children who experienced early trauma, including adoption (even in early infancy), trauma during pregnancy or birth, NICU stays (even years later) or other early separations that are still showing up in behavioral patterns. And I’ve supported everyday parenting situations where parents are at their wits end to help them come back into connection. My work has become really deep and profound and my understanding of the impact of early events and how those patterns show up later has grown tremendously, along with the tools to heal from those experiences.

And my relationships with my own boys has taught me so much on this journey. They’re now nearly 15 and 20 and our relationship has continued to grow and to reveal deeper layers of healing and connection. I have an even deeper appreciation of this work as my boys have grown and have a taste of what connection can look like with teens and young adults. It’s possible to have a good relationship with your kids! Parenting my own kids and working with so many families has shown me that healing is truly possible and has given me deep respect for this work I have been blessed to do in this lifetime.

So please join me in the celebration!

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But whether or not you take advantage of the sales or resources, please take a moment and ask yourself Pam Leo’s most profound question: “What can I do to connect with my child right now?” And do it.

I’d love to hear what you did to connect!

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