Podcast Episode #47 – Raising Boys Q&A: Deescalation Techniques

Raising Boys

Welcome to our final conversation with Nathan McTague of The Center for Emotional Education. This portion of the conversation is about deescalation.

Rebecca and Nathan look at how intentionally connecting with our children throughout their childhood can help us when we get to the teen years, by giving them and us the tools needed to move through intense emotions as they come up, before they escalate into something hard to handle. They also discuss ways to compassionately work with our teens in those situations where emotions have gotten very intense and the situation has escalated or morphed into something it wasn’t about originally.

By honoring the emotional brain and allowing space for our children to experience their emotions in a safe environment, we can help empower them and teach them how to remain connected with themselves, with us, and with others.

Rebecca and Nathan discuss the roles of the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous systems, and Nathan offers some practical, accessible tools to help us and our children trigger our para-sympathetic nervous systems and remain or become regulated.

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The Center for Emotional Education


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