Podcast Episode #45 – Raising Boys Q&A: Encouraging connection with others

Raising Boys

We’re back this week with Nathan McTague, the co-founder of the Center for Emotional Education and co-creator of the Feeleez line of social and emotional learning tools. He’s a long-time parent educator and full-time father. Our conversation today is about modeling healthy relationships for our children. We want to prepare them to recognize and develop healthy relationships once they go out into the world. Many of us were brought up without this behavior being modeled. Instead, we were simply told the “proper” way to behave. Rebecca and Nathan explore what it means to use relationship as a powerful teaching tool for our children.

As parents, we all have a similar concern when it comes to raising our kids (both boys and girls). What’s going to happen when they start to go out and have their own relationships? Have I done enough to prepare them to connect with others and have healthy relationships?

Most importantly, we have been teaching them about relationships their entire lives. This is true from the time they were newborn to whatever stage they’re in now. We have been modeling how to treat others, how to resolve conflicts, how to connect and appropriately get our needs met, and how to reconnect after disconnection.

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The Center for Emotional Education


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