Podcast Episode #3 – What is Your Family Culture?


Connecting Through Reading, Storytelling, and Singing

Reading has always been something that I’ve loved to share with my kids. We’ve explored so many worlds together and have created the shared vocabulary from reading these books together. We enjoy books like Harry Potter and Septimus Heap where there is a whole world fantasy world being created through words. And I have spent countless hours reading out loud to them, snuggled up on the couch with my kids, even when other things weren’t going all that well. That’s what worked for me and my family.

But not every family loves to sit and read a book together. Then what?

In this, our last episode of our series with Pam Leo, we take a look at how your child’s interests are a doorway to literacy and it may or may not involve reading actual books. There are so many ways to connect with your child and help them to become engaged with literacy.

My youngest son, who is 13, doesn’t love to sit and read. But he will listen to audiobooks all day long if I let him. As an auditory learner, he loves being read to and hearing a good story, so I always make sure he has audible book credits and plenty of choices. He’s currently listening to the How to Train Your Dragon series.

This episode encourages you to consider the culture of your family, knowing who you all are collectively, and finding ways to make literature a part of that and connecting in ways that feel good to all of you AND promote literacy.

Next week, we’re going to have a conversation about “All Behavior is a Communication.” I hope you’ll join us!


Resources from this episode:

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