Podcast Episode #25 – An Overview of Healing Stories

Healing Stories

Join Rebecca and Lianne March as they discuss Healing Stories in this three-part podcast series.

This first episode in the series explains what Healing Stories is all about, as well as more detail about how Healing Stories can help families in the early days and weeks after birth.

It’s a common misconception that babies don’t remember things from early in life. It’s true, they may not consciously remember (though some do). However, their bodies definitely remember, and events from the womb and during birth do often have an impact. Rebecca and Lianne have worked with families to help them solve troubles with new babies from excessive crying and sleep troubles to difficulty feeding. Amazingly, making space for the story of what happened, and for everyone’s feelings around the experience, can bring healing and help to solve common early parenting issues.

Realizing that early experiences do matter can often be upsetting to new parents. It’s so easy to accept blame whether we had control of the circumstances or not. But take heart, for this is not a “doomed” situation! Healing Stories is a tool that offers so much hope to families because those experiences don’t have to have a lasting negative effect. It’s possible to help heal even very difficult trauma using this method. This empowers parents to help their children to move through deep emotion and come out on the other side more connected than before.

Healing Stories On-Demand Course

We invite you to explore the Healing Stories On-Demand Course in the Consciously Parenting Learning Center. It’s a four-part course about how you can use these techniques yourself, in your own family, to bring more connection and healing. You can purchase the course by itself, or join the Learning Center as a Gold or Silver Member and get access to it along with all of the other benefits of membership.

Through the end of the month, Gold Membership is only $10/mo (regularly $37/mo!) so this is a great time to take advantage of that, listen to the Healing Stories course, and join in on the live Healing Story Circle calls if you like. We also have a private Facebook group for members where you can get additional support from Rebecca, Lianne, and the other Consciously Parenting Members.


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