Podcast Episode #2 – Chocolate, Not Medicine


Connecting Through Reading, Storytelling, and Singing

We’re back again! We hope you enjoyed our first conversation with Pam Leo as we explored WHY reading, singing, and storytelling are so important in family life.

Today we’re going to go a bit deeper and look at how we can incorporate those activities into our daily lives so it doesn’t become just another “to do” item to check off our over-flowing lists.

It can be such a wonderful opportunity to make our daily care-giving tasks into connection time, and Pam and I talk about what that looks like when our kids are small. We also talk about what it looks like as they grow older.

It’s such a different way of looking at parenting and it helps us all to shift so much in the way we approach everything, especially as our kids grow.

I know that you’ll hear lots of ideas you can use with your family right now. You’ll be invited to set aside your own ideas of what these tasks are “supposed” to look like and join us in the world of connection.

Today you’ll have access to Part 2, where we talk about what this looks like in daily life. And next Friday, May 19, you’ll have access to Part 3 of our 3-part series with Pam Leo as we explore what this can look like in real life.

Let us know what you think of this conversation and be sure to share it with your friends if you find it helpful!


Resources from this episode:

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