Podcast Episode #5 – From the Inside-Out


Continuum Concept and Community

From the first time I read The Continuum Concept, I was struck by the completely different experiences that indigenous communities had compared to what I was experiencing in my own home alone with my baby all day.

I longed for more connection, but had no idea how to create it for myself or my baby.

My baby is now an adult, but I still long for this kind of community.  I also hear every day from parents who are looking for others to connect with and support one another, whether virtually or in real life.

Scott Noelle has a personal connection to Jean Leidloff and her book. In this episode, he shares his own experiences as a new parent with a baby who wanted to be held all the time, and his journey to finding community.

In this first of three parts, you’ll meet Scott Noelle and hear his story of early parenting and how his thinking began to shift as he looked for more connection with others in his own community.

We invite you to join us for this conversation and explore the idea of finding or creating your own community!



Resources from this episode:

The Continuum Concept

The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff

The Continuum Concept Virtual Forum Email List

The Daily Groove

Rethinking Everything Conference


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