Podcast Episode #26 – Healing Stories in Everyday Life

Healing Stories

Rebecca and Lianne are back again this week to talk about how stories can help with the small hurts and disappointments of everyday life. Story Healing isn’t just a technique to be used when there is trauma, but it can be an effective tool to help move through normal tantrums and upsets.

Consciously Parenting Principle #2 reminds us that there is nothing more important than the parent-child relationship. The discussion today is full of examples of putting the relationship first and strengthening our connection with our children. By slowing down and acknowledging their everyday upsets, however trivial they may seem, we can build stronger bonds in our families. We model empathy and validation, which is truly a lasting way to teach.

When our children are upset, we can find a way to connect with they are feeling in some way. Disappointment is often very upsetting for our children. They may get an idea in their head about the way something is going to go, and when that doesn’t happen, it can trigger what our society would call a tantrum. In this episode of the podcast, we explore the idea that there is something more underneath that outward behavior, and what steps we can actually take to help our children to move through their feelings rather than just stop expressing them.

Listen in as Rebecca and Lianne share real-life parenting experiences. They don’t always do this perfectly, even after so many years of practice. But even when we make mistakes, we can repair our connection with our children and come out stronger.

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