Podcast Episode #23 – One Family’s Educational Journey

Finding What Works

Listen in on a heartfelt conversation with Angelle. She’s a mom of 3 children, both adopted and biological. Angelle has learned to work with the challenges familiar to most parents of children with special needs.

Angelle and her husband went from searching for diagnoses for their children through a multitude of testing, to leaving public school for traditional homeschooling, then tried unschooling, then to private school, and then back to public school! All along the way, conscious of the choices and the many considerations to take into account.

While searching for the right learning environment, Angelle’s stress kept her up at night. When she came to the decision to re-enter the children in school after homeschooling, the family choose three separate private schools.

When this route didn’t work, the family searched for the best school for their kids, eventually moving to a district that wonderfully met their unique needs.

Angelle had such internal stress and turmoil about finding a good fit, her single focus and worry spread to other family members.

It took years of struggle within the family and much experimentation to work through this challenge. It took an ongoing evaluation of everyone’s unique perspectives, needs, behaviors, and satisfaction levels to discover the place where the family as a whole is happiest and healthiest.

Finally finding the best fit is “a gift” that allows Angelle to feel relief and appreciation each day.

Take a listen for the lessons she’s learned throughout this experience and the advice she shares with other parents.

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed by the decision of education, Angelle’s story will be familiar and helpful.


Rebecca Thompson Hitt

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