Podcast Episode #17 – Changing Educational Paths

Educating Our Kids

How do you know when it’s time to leap into the unknown and take a new educational path? Can happiness really be the touchstone we turn to when making family decisions?

Most of us grew up without the opportunity to choose our own educational path. Once on a particular path, our culture promotes commitment and follow through. “No pain, no gain.”

This paradigm makes us feel unsure when we begin to question our current situation and how it makes us feel. Sometimes we aren’t sure we can even look over all the available choices; change can be scary.

But truly, it is a gift we give our children to prioritize their happiness and offer them the chance to choose their own learning environment.

Challenge and comfort rub up against each other at the edge of growth. We often don’t trust our own intuition when things that work for others just aren’t working in our family. Stepping outside our own perspective, openly listening to our kids’ feelings, and exploring other educational environments takes bravery.

This can mean pulling our kids out of school and embracing homeschooling, because it feels better in our heart to find the best fit for our child. This can mean enrolling our kids in an amazing school when they’ve always learned from home, but it just isn’t working anymore.

It takes conscious awareness to recognize when discomfort is leading us to make changes. It takes courage to stop in the middle of a well-worn path and take a new direction.

Join me while I talk with Lianne, a parent who has consciously chosen an educational environment with her children, for a heartfelt discussion about what “exploring educational environments” looks like in a real family.

Here’s the link to the first episode in this series.


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