Podcast Episode #16 – Finding Your Family’s Educational Path

Educating Our Kids

It’s easy to get locked onto one educational path. Whether it’s traditional or alternative, public, private, or at home, it’s easy to fall into one perspective and stay there. As our kids grow and learning environments change, our options and opinions change too.

Parents have a barrage of choices surrounding the educational environments their children are in. The constantly changing needs and wants of both parents and children must come together in a way that works best for everyone.

It’s challenging! We’re in a time of expanding educational models, and it’s important to openly consider all options.

What factors influence your own decisions around education?

Is it your own past, your child’s temperament, needs, and interests, personal values, convenience, conditioning, a shared future vision, or something else altogether that most influences your present choice?

It’s helpful to look deeply into your current situation and determine if everyone’s needs and wants are truly being met.

While other ideas can seem daunting once you’ve built some momentum on a certain path, it can be a life-changing decision to move boldly in a new direction.

That’s exactly what open-minded conscious parents are doing. Looking at all aspects of family life from new angles to see what feels good, while matching shared goals, values,
and desires.

Whether choices are mainstream or off the beaten path, consciously parenting means making decisions with open minds, open hearts, and deep awareness.

Join me in this series for thoughtful reflection, opening to different perceptions, and honest conversation to continuously update ideas and move towards what works best for your family now.

Resources from this Episode


http://www.educationrevolution.org/store/thetensigns/ (pro-educational alternatives stance)

http://alternativestoschool.com (pro-educational alternatives stance)

https://articles.niche.com/private-school-vs-public-school-breakdown/ (pro-school stance)


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