Nurturing Yourself in 1-5 Minutes

Originally posted on The Consciously Parenting Blog September 6, 2010

I think we have the impression that we have to set aside a long period of time to nurture ourselves. Many of us feel that if we can’t go away for a weekend or have a several hour block of time to do what we want, then it isn’t worth the effort. While that longer block of time is important every now and then, we can accomplish quite a bit in just a few minutes.

Several years ago, a friend gave me a CD entitled One Minute Meditations. They were really short and sweet, but well done. My first impression was, “What can I really accomplish in just one minute?” Seriously. But I decided that I had nothing to lose. So, I created an intention to listen to one during the day at some point. I found a quiet place, closed my eyes and listened to the audio. Yes, it was short, but I did feel just a little more refreshed by taking the time and making the effort. And it literally only took 1 minute!

Another friend, Carmine Leo, suggested taking time every morning and every evening – just 10 minutes each time – and sitting quietly, clearing my mind and breathing normally. When I did this in the morning, I felt really centered and ready to start my day. I don’t think I ever managed to stay awake for the whole 10 minutes at bedtime. But even taking 5 minutes in the morning just sitting still made a big difference in my ability to start the day from a positive place.

I’ve also been using Janet Conner’s Writing Down Your Soul process of writing really fast for the past several years. I am practiced enough at using this technique to get answers in just a few minutes of writing. This is about accessing the theta brainwave state, which is a very relaxed state. Once you learn how to do it, it can be done in just a few minutes!

Start right now!

No matter what works for you, I’d encourage you to take that couple of minutes no matter when it happens and do something nurturing for yourself. It does add up and it does make a difference!

What do you do when you only have a few minutes? Any suggestions for other parents?


Rebecca Thompson Hitt

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