FAQs for Listening to Feelings

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When does the course begin?

This course begins on Friday, August 10, 2018. This is the day you’ll receive your first e-mail and can get started on the content.

How is this different from your other courses in the Learning Center?

This course is a guided course. Rebecca is creating the content for this group as we go along, customizing it for your questions and stories. There is live support in both the Facebook group and the Healing Story Circle calls, with other members of the class, specifically about this material. You’ll be joining a group of people who are going through this information together. When you sign up for the other on-demand courses, they don’t include the live components.

What is a Healing Story Circle?

A Healing Story Circle is actually a really important component of the course. Instead of just reading or hearing about the Healing Stories process, you’ll be able to experience it yourself. When we have an experience and a felt sense of what we’re trying to do, it is much easier to take that back into our families and apply it. Healing Story Circles are a time to gather and share what’s happening. The space is NOT for others to tell you how to solve your problems. That never works. Instead, we listen to the person who is sharing and reflect back. This process lets the person who is sharing find their own answers. It’s a profound experience for those who are sharing and those who are listening. Everyone learns from each other in a way the parents have never seen in any other space.

How do I join the Healing Story Circles?

You can call in from your phone like a regular phone call, or you can join the video call with your smartphone, tablet, or computer. It’s especially nice to be able to see each other’s faces, so we recommend doing that if you can, but simply calling in is just fine as well.

When are the Healing Story Circles?

2nd Tuesday of the month at 11am eastern and the 4th Wednesday of the month in the evening, 7pm eastern time. We also have other times available as floating times and can take requests.

How will this course support my parenting?

All of us have big feelings sometimes. What do we do when that happens? Is it helpful? Are we looking at the big picture and supporting our kids to be able to work through their feelings and connect emotionally so they’ll be able to do that as adults? We have opportunities every day to support our kids and ourselves. This is a unique opportunity to spend time with others who are working on this, as well.

Does this work for older kids or even adults?

Yes, absolutely. As an adult, you’ll have the Healing Story Circles to do some of your own work, to work through some of your own stories. Older kids can benefit from a similar process and we’ll be talking specifically about how to work with the stories of older kids, too.

How much time will it take each week?

New content comes out twice a month on Fridays. The content, in video, audio, or text format, takes between 3 and 10 minutes to watch, listen to or read. Every other week, you have the opportunity to join a Healing Story Circle. HSCs last about 90 minutes. You have access to the Facebook group anytime and additional content (on demand) if you’d like it. To have a good experience you can apply to your family, plan on about 2 hours per month. Just remember that one part is a Healing Story Circle, which will be scheduled at set times. The rest is on your own time.

Do I need to go somewhere for this course?

Material and Healing Story Circles are all available from the comfort of home via computer, tablet or smartphone. It is 100% virtual. Your kids can be in the room if need be and you can mute yourself it they’re noisy. Technology is your friend in this course. You can also access the content on your own time, from your bed when they’re sleeping… I’ve had more than one parent participate in a Healing Story Circle from their car where it’s quiet. It’s very parent-friendly!

Is it REALLY Pay-What-You-Can?

YES! We really want this to be accessible for all families. We’ve done our pay-what-you-can payments for other classes and we’ve gotten a really good response. We hope you’ll see how amazing what we’re offering is and that you’ll pay as much as you can. That helps us to keep the lights on and also allows others who wouldn’t be able to afford the regular full prices to be able to participate and have access to this life-changing support. You select the price from what we’ve listed and that’s what you pay. You get access to all the information and the bonuses no matter what you pay. Again, thanks for paying as much as you can to support our work and other families who may not be able to pay the full price.

Have I missed your question?

Please let me know by emailing rebecca@consciouslyparenting.com and I’ll get back to you asap.

Join the course!

We’re offering a virtual support class for moms* (and partners) to help you make sense of your child’s challenging behaviors so parenting can feel better for everyone.

Parenting is hard work.
Kids can throw some really interesting behaviors at you.
It’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in advice that isn’t helpful.
Maybe you secretly worry that your child will never be a functional adult, even if she’s still in elementary school.

Join the hundreds of parents who have successfully applied our approach over the last 10 years and helped their kids by understanding the Hidden Story.


*We say moms for simplicity, but we mean any primary caregiver. It could be dad, grandma or grandpa, foster parents, future adoptive parents. Anyone who is primarily caring for a child.

This course is currently closed for registration. To be notified when it’s open again, please sign up here:


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