5 Things You Need to Know about Parenting Teens

The thought of parenting a teen has always been a little scary. After all, there are so many horror stories about parenting our older kids and adolescents that it’s hard to make it out of the first few years of parenting without thinking about it. Or without having many stories shared with you, whether you want to hear them or not.

But what if parenting a teen can be gentle? What if it can feel good to everyone? Not to say that there aren’t bumps in the road, challenges that come up, or times when we’re triggered. Or times when they’re triggered. All of that is part of life.

But what if it doesn’t have to continue to be hard? What if there are ways to move through those challenges that actually support you in being more connected.

I wrote this free ebook to hopefully inspire you to find ways you can connect today with your pre-teen or teen. Please share with others and start a conversation about gently parenting our older kids.

It’s a short and easy read (10 minutes, maybe), but has lots of insights into keeping your relationship with your growing pre-teen and teen gentle, respectful for all, and supportive of everyone’s growth. Yes, including yours.

Just sign up below to receive your free copy. And once you’ve read it, hit reply to the email you received to download the book and let me know what you thought about it and how you applied it to your family. I’d love to hear!

Rebecca Thompson Hitt

Rebecca is the founder of The Consciously Parenting Project, LLC, and author of 3 books (Consciously Parenting: What it really Takes to Raise Emotionally Healthy Families, Creating Connection: Essential Tools for Growing Families through Conception, Birth and Beyond, and Nurturing Connection: What Parents Need to Know about Emotional Expression and Bonding), numerous classes and recordings, and the former co-host of a radio show, True North Parents.

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