6/26/2017 Weekly Newsletter: Show Up With What You Have

I love the conversations I’m sharing with you this week. My podcast this week is in response to some conversations about how completely unrealistic Playborhood is for those who are introverts AND another conversation I had with a friend who is discovering the importance of just showing up with what she has to build her community, rather than trying to figure out something that may be hard for her.

When we show up as we are, with authenticity, we are on our way to finding our own path AND our people.

When we are present with ourselves and each other in this moment, healing happens.

When we are honest with ourselves about how parenting, or schooling, or whatever else is in our world, then we can make choices that will feel better for our whole family.

This week’s blog posts are about all these things. Authenticity. Showing up as who you are with what you have- nothing more, nothing less, as I share in my podcast this week.

Admitting when something doesn’t work for you so you can find something that does, as guest blogger Angelle shares in her blog post, “Giving Up Homeschool.”

And finding deep healing in the present moment in a post I wrote after I had done a deeply moving session with a couple struggling with a terminal condition and a baby with special needs in Where Healing Happens.

And finally, there’s a poem I wrote called, “Is there always hope for healing relationships?” when I was really deeply asking the question about when relationships can be healed and when they can’t.

Authenticity, Healing, and Showing up as you are with what you have. This week is pretty deep and I hope that you find what you need here.

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In our monthly newsletter, which will be sent on July 1, we’ll be announcing a special on our new Consciously Parenting Membership – resources and community for parents around the world. This special will run the month of July and I hope you’ll take advantage of it. We’ve spent the last several months upgrading our systems, including our “Academy” resources and we think you’ll love it. Watch for more information next week!

We’re also opening up our Consciously Parenting Certification Training, which is a 2-year program for parents and professionals who want to dive more deeply into the principles of Consciously Parenting to apply in your own families and communities (if you’d like) and, if you’re a professional who works with families in any capacity, to your practice. Training begins on Monday, July 24 and is virtual. For more information about the program details, including cost and scholarship opportunities, please click here.

And in our July newsletter, we’ll be sharing with you about our upcoming Consciously Parenting Cruise Retreat beginning on January 25, 2018, sailing out of Tampa, FL!

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Thanks for showing up as you are with what you have. That’s enough!


Podcast Episode 8: Show Up With What You Have

Episode 8 is up! Continuing the conversation started with Scott Noelle, we’re exploring more ways that we can all build community support for ourselves and our families.

Blog Recap:

Giving Up HomeschoolFrom guest blogger Angelle Gremillion: For me, school was about community and the opportunities random people provide. I may have failed at homeschooling, but I realized that every family is different and we all have individual needs. Click to read.



Where Healing Happens

The baby led the way, teaching us how to open our hearts, dig deeper, and touch our authentic selves. At only a few months old, he had no agenda other than to communicate and to connect deeply with his parents. Click to read



Is There Always Hope for Healing Relationships?

From the Consciously Parenting archives:

When you give up, it might be too late.
When you lose all hope, it might be too late.
When all you can see is the darkness,
the pain,
the hatred,
the anger,
it might be too late.

Click to read.


Rebecca Thompson Hitt

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