6/19/2017 Weekly Newsletter: Growing Community Organically

I feel like I’m constantly reinventing myself.

Maybe it’s as my kids have grown from infant to toddler to teens and I need to be a different parent to them.

Maybe it’s just as I have grown myself from all my experiences.

It’s really a very organic process. It’s one that I hardly notice until I pause for a moment and look back.

It’s easy to see how much my kids have grown. My oldest is now 6’3″ tall. Hard to miss that kind of growth!

But the reality is that we need to be evolving, ourselves, to keep pace with their growth. And we need to know ourselves to figure out what we need AND what they need.

In my conversation with Scott Noelle this week, we explore Growing Community Organically. Scott shares many of his experiences as his children have grown and their needs have changed. Maybe you’ll hear something in this conversation that will spark something in your regarding creating your own safe community spaces for yourself and your children. And if you’ve figured out something great here, we’d love to hear from you!

Guest blogger, Lianne March, shares a growth moment in her relationship with her husband. I love the introspection she shares and the window into her own process of reconnecting with him. I hope you do, too!

And speaking of changing, sometimes change comes quickly and almost in a ball of fire. If you’ve experienced this sort of change in your life, you might appreciate the read from the Consciously Parenting archives of the Phoenix Rising from the Ashes.

And finally for today, I share “Connecting When You Don’t Have a Magic Wand.” I wrote it after many of my clients kept asking me if I had created a magic wand yet. Every time I said no, there was a bit of sadness, so I wrote this article as a little something to keep them going while I was working on the wand. (hee hee) You might find it helpful if you’ve been struggling to connect with someone in your family AND you’re without a Magic Wand.

Are you looking for something in particular to support you and your family? Please hit reply to this email and let me know what you need. I’ll do my best to get back to you soon!

We’re going to be announcing a 2-year certification training for parents and professionals in the next week or so that begins in late July, along with a Consciously Parenting Family Cruise Retreat for end of January 2018! So watch for more information coming soon!

Thanks for being a part of The Consciously Parenting Community!


Podcast Episode 7: Growing Community Organically

Episode 7 is up! Scott Noelle and I conclude our conversation about creating community with some innovative ideas you can apply in your own family in your own neighborhood. Part 3 of a 3 part series.

Blog Recap:

Realizations of a Stay-at-Home Mom

Guest blogger Lianne March shares an “A-ha!” moment she experienced. Her husband made a comment that initially offended her, but she was able to shift from offense to understanding and truly appreciate his intention. Click to read



Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

In order to rise out of our own ashes, we need to accept that we’re designed to be in relationships, and we heal in relationship much more deeply than we could ever “heal” on our own. May you find deep healing for yourself through the challenges of your life, rather than in spite of them. The gifts will rise out of the ashes of your old life, your old worldview, and you will find a new and deeper wholeness. Click to read





Connecting When You Don’t Have a Magic Wand

From the Consciously Parenting archives: Everyone wants to find peace. Everyone wants connection. But sometimes that’s just not our family’s reality. Maybe our reality is tension, disagreements and fights. Maybe we find ourselves disliking being around our child or the disconnection just feels bad to us and we want it to be different. So where do we start when we’re far from a place of love, ease, and joy? How can we begin our journey to this seemingly elusive place? Click to read


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