6/12/2017 Weekly Newsletter: Finding Your People


Dear friends,

I’m in Mexico right now, immersing myself in community with both ex-pats and indigenous peoples from Mexico. I’m here because I want to slow down and connect more deeply in community, and I have been so surprised to find a deep and meaningful community in the short time we’ve been here.

I share this because my conversation with Scott Noelle this week, about creating your own village and finding your people, is so important to me and to all the families I work with, no matter where in the world they happen to be. So I invite you to answer the question- “How do you find others who get you and how you’re trying to parent? Where do you go?” Scott and I tackle the question in our podcast and share some of our experiences, so I hope you’ll take a listen and join in our conversation.

I am excited to offer you a new piece by one of our Consciously Parenting families, Angelle, as she introduces her family and shares deeply what parenting is really like for her. It’s such a lovely, real piece. Take a moment and read it. I’d love to hear if you can relate to her story and I’d love to hear what your own “I am” prose would look like, too, if you’d like to share. Simply comment on the blog post and let her know you appreciate what she has to say!

We also posted a legacy blog post called, “Story Healing 101.” This post gives you really good concrete steps parents can take to start the healing process in your family, so take a look at that one when you have a few minutes. Powerful healing is possible in your own home with this information. Healing happens in the space between us, in the emotional space. We just need to know where to put our attention and intention.

What’s new in your world? What would be helpful for you and your family? Have a question you’d like me to write about? Just hit reply and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

My apologies if you’ve written in the past few weeks and I haven’t yet responded. I’ve been in transition and that’s taken a bit more time and space than I intended it to take. But I’ll be answering the backlog of emails in the next few days.


Podcast Episode 6: Creating a Village

Episode 6 is up! In this second conversation with Scott Noelle, we explore ways to find your own community. Scott shares the values he has used to define his search for community without staying in “zealot-hood” or giving up the values that felt the most important to him. He shares about balance between online and in-person communities and how they can truly complement one another. Part 2 of a 3 part series.

Blog Recap:

“I am.” Prose

Guest blogger Angelle Gremillion: One hundred years ago, I wrote a poem entitled “I Am”. You know the one, where you start listing all the things that make up you in a list to reate personal poetry. It’s a great exercise to get people out of their preconceived poetry notions, but it is also a great exercise in perspective. Click to read



Story Healing 101

When we start to connect with our children’s stories- both through the telling and by listening in a different way to what they’re sharing about their stories- we open up to a new kind of relationship with our children. Click to read



Reconnection, Not Perfection

From the Consciously Parenting archives: In the other room, a volcano seemed to be exploding. I quickly realized it was my 13 year-old son who had just gotten very frustrated with his iPod and launched it across the room. I was on the phone with a client and my husband was out of town. Seemed like an impossible situation just then. I wrapped up my session and went out to see what had happened. Click to read



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