5/29/2017 Weekly Newsletter: ALL Behavior is a Communication

When my oldest was little (he’s 18 now), I thought I knew what his behavior was communicating. I thought he needed discipline and punishment, but I was missing that he was showing me, through his behaviors, how he was feeling and what he needed.

He didn’t know how else to express what he was feeling inside, or that he really needed me to see, feel, and hear him. He wasn’t using words to say that to me. He couldn’t.

When I got that – really, really got that – everything changed for us and I didn’t need punishment anymore. It was a huge shift for me. This connection created a strong bond between us- one that could weather the ups and downs of adolescence, the inevitable disagreements, and lost friendships, in connection or reconnection as necessary.

This week, I’m sharing my podcast with you where I talk more about how All Behavior is a Communication, so take a listen and let me know what you think!

Next week, I’ll be sharing an interview with Scott Noelle of the Daily Groove.

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Podcast Episode 4: All Behavior is Communication

Episode 4 is up! Join me as I introduce the first guiding principle from Book I – All Behavior is a Communication. Parents who are making the shift from focusing on behaviors to focusing on the relationship will learn how they can begin making changes in how they understand what’s happening. Our children communicate through their behaviors. Are you understanding what your child is REALLY communicating? And is your interpretation of your child’s behavior helping you to connect? And is it helping them to behave better? Join us for this exploration. You’ll leave with some good reminders or new ideas to apply in your life today.

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