4/27/2018 Newsletter: Raising Boys, Cultivating Kindness, and Stories of Encouragement

Greetings from Florida! I hope this note finds you doing well. This month, we’re sharing stories of encouragement (the effort of parenting this way is SO worth it!), stories about cultivating kindness, and we’re exploring raising emotionally healthy boys on our podcast. (Not raising a son? This conversation is also actually quite relevant whether you’re raising a boy or not, though it does specifically address some specifics about boys.)

Raising emotionally healthy boys. As the mother of two teen boys, this is on my mind a lot. How do I support emotional literacy while still respecting their biology and neurobiology? I want to raise young men who are present and kind, who are emotionally fluent and resilient to the stressors of life. I want them to know who they are and be able to communicate what they need in respectful ways. I want to foster respect for them so that they will be respectful of others now and into the future.

And yes, I also want them to be capable of making their own food and cleaning up their own messes. Does that sound completely impossible? I know there are times when it does to me! We talk about important things you need to know about boys and young men from pre-birth to adulthood.

The first week of our podcast series, Lianne and I talk about raising boys and what we’ve noticed as they’ve grown. In the second week, we are blessed to have Nathan McTague of The Center for Emotional Education join us. This conversation is so relevant even if you’re not raising a boy (he’s the father of 3 girls). Let us know what you think after you’ve listened. We’d love your feedback!

Also on the blog this week, we share with you two stories of encouragement for the investment that this kind of parenting takes. One is a story about my youngest son when he was 9 and the other is a story of encouragement written by Lianne March about a parenting moment when everything came together. It’s worth the effort!

What are your burning questions about parenting or about your kids? Where do you feel stuck in your parenting? We’re happy to answer your questions or create resources that will support you. (I also offer one-on-one sessions if you need more support.)

Have something that’s working really well in your family? We’d love to hear about that, too. We’re looking for guest bloggers among our readers. Have a story to share about your parenting? We want to hear it!

Either way, click reply and let’s talk!

Stories of Encouragement: The investment will pay off

This week, Lianne March shares a few stories where she has been able to see that the effort and energy it’s taken to practice consciously parenting have really paid off.

f you’re in a place where it feels hard, like you have to really think about what you’re doing and you wonder if it’s really worth it, take this encouragement and know that every step you make toward more connection is most definitely worth it.

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Cultivating Kindness in Your Kids

They were up on the ropes course at MOSI. My son was about 9 years-old at the time and he was fearlessly navigating the twists and turns and the narrow spots with ease about 30 feet off the ground. I was down on the ground observing, seriously in awe of his fearlessness and skill.

He saw her first. She looked like she couldn’t be older than 5 and she was also on the ropes course by herself. She was tiny and lacked the physical ability to move her rope around the large structural poles, so she was stuck there, unable to go forward or backwards. My son was on the other side of the course, but he quickly made his way over to where she was to help her.

No one prompted him. No one told him to help her. He saw that she needed some help and did it.

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We’re taking a week off from our blog and podcast. We’ll be back in May!

This month on the podcast, we’re talking about BOYS. We’ll be talking with some actual boys/men in the coming weeks, but today’s episode starts with moms. Lianne and I had a great discussion about things we’ve noticed as we’ve watched our boys grow. We talked a lot about noticing patterns and even created a free printable for you to download and use to explore your own patterns.

Listen or read the whole podcast here.

How can we best support our boys when they are young and as they grow into men? There are many cultural messages for boys around feelings, so how do we navigate that territory? How do we stay respectful of our boys’ biology and neurobiology? We want to make sure we are creating the space for their emotions and really respecting that they’re different than we are as women and moms.

In this episode, Rebecca talks with Nathan McTague of The Center for Emotional Education. They discuss how emotion is actually processed in the brain, the real needs of children who are experiencing intense feelings, and how testosterone causes all kinds of “wonkiness” for teenage boys.

Listen or read the whole podcast here.

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