3/10/2018 Newsletter: Gun Violence, Safety, and Support for Families: Listening to Understand


We have a serious problem in the United States of America with gun violence. It feels really scary to us and we’ve felt powerless to make it stop.

This podcast series is about gun violence, safety, and support for families. In this first episode, we’re going to be looking at what it takes to really listen to understand, and another way we can look at what’s happening with the boys and men in our culture that I haven’t seen anyone talking about.

Next week, we’ll be taking a closer look at Gun Violence as a Collective Trauma – what it does inside our bodies when this is happening in our country. After that, we’ll be looking at what’s happening for YOU in Finding Your Mama Bear, followed by what’s happening with your kids and what they need in Supporting Your Kids.

Today, we’re talking about listening to understand.

Listen to or read the transcript from the episode now.

Rebecca mentions the course Consciously Parenting 101 in this podcast. It’s a great resource to work on boundaries within your family and understanding what you really need to know to raise an emotionally healthy family. It’s a pay-what-you-can course and it’s on-demand, ready for you right now. See below for more information OR Click here to sign up!

Gun Violence: Listening to Understand

As my children enter adolescence

Adolescence is a huge transition for our kids and for us as parents. We’ve heard so many awful stories about teens by the time our children reach the milestone of 13 that we sometimes dread it long before our kids are out of diapers. But what if it doesn’t have to feel bad to have a teen? Guest blogger, Lianne March, shares her experience as her son turns 13.

From the article:

“Adolescence is upon us. I’m officially the mother of a teenager. Everyone says it, but when you’re a brand new mother with a newborn, you can’t possibly imagine that it really will fly by so fast. “The days are long but the years are short,” they say.

They are right.

I never thought I’d be excited about my children reaching the teen years, but I really am. I have truly loved every stage of development, from infancy to toddlerhood, into the “school years” where our conversations have gotten so deep and so fun. Each stage brings its own challenges and its own rewards. I expect the teen years to be the same way.”

Read the whole article here.

Consciously Parenting 101: Dive into Book 1 with Rebecca

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“I’m striving for my family to be emotionally healthy, unlike my own family when I was growing up. I want to find a way to set loving boundaries so I don’t feel walked over. I need to find a way to handle feelings that feels better for us all. My goal is to have things feel better all around in my family.”

This course is based on the book, Consciously Parenting: What it Really Takes to Raise Emotionally Healthy Families, and touches on all the areas of family life that parents get stuck. Feelings, boundaries, understanding what your child is communicating, learning how to prioritize the relationship, and making space for your own needs to be met. It’s a growth tool that doesn’t judge or shame, but helps you to see things in a new and healthier way.

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