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When the Unexpected Happens (8 audios)


When the Unexpected Happens (8 audios) 00133

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When something unexpected happens in your life, it can be difficult to know how to navigate it. Whether you’re still in the day-to-day survival mode or the situation is in our past, how can we support ourselves to heal? How can we support our children?

If you or someone you love has experienced something overwhelming- from a birth that didn’t go the way you planned, to a divorce, job loss, or illness in the family- how can you move forward in a way that heals?

Class 1: Unexpected Life Events and Attachment, Neurobiology, and Relationships: How We Cope with Overwhelming Stress

Discover your own patterns and what happens in your brain and body when you’re stressed to your max.

I’ll introduce Janet Conner’s concept of the 7 Countries to understand the journey through grief and loss.

Class 2: The Role of Storytelling in Our Lives: Learning How We Tell Our Own Stories and How to Tell them for Healing

Take a look at what our own behaviors are communicating to us and to our family members.

See how we’re all telling our stories all the time, whether we realize it or not!

Why is conscious, integrative storytelling important for us as adults?

How can we create healing for ourselves?

Class 3: The Critical Importance of Emotions and Emotional Expression (aka we’re not plants…)

What gets in the way of healing expression of our emotions?

What are your own unique patterns around sharing and allowing your emotions?

What was modeled for you growing up?

How does that translate into how you handle emotional overwhelm in the present?

Class 4: We’re All in This Together (like it or not…)

Discover your family member’s attachment strategies, physical health impacts, and emotional expression patterns and how they work together to heal- or not.

Learn about this secret ingredient that makes healing our families possible!

Class 5: Supporting Your Child’s Healing through Unexpected Life Events

Defining trauma and unexpected life events for children- prenatal, birth, NICU, losses, adoption, etc at all life phases as significant.

How do unexpected life events affect attachment, neurobiology, physical health, and relationships for children?

Why is it important to look at our child’s whole story and not just the current challenge to help our child heal?

Class 6: Helping Your Child Tell His Story

What stories are your child’s behaviors telling you?

How can you support your child consciously through storytelling for healing?

What are the most important elements when using integrative storytelling with children?

Class 7: Children and Emotional Expression

Children are mirrors of your family’s own comfort with emotional expression AND some children are expressing emotions for the entire family.

What are you (were you) modeling regarding feelings for your children during the time of the unexpected life event? After?

How can we best support our children to express their feelings in a healthy way?

Class 8: Seizing the Opportunities of our Healing Crisis: Integration for Ourselves and for Our Children

Daily life application when tensions are running high and you’ve got to keep on going. Finding connection with yourself and with others in the midst of the storm.

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