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Changing Your Life's Story (5 audios)


Changing Your Life's Story (5 audios) 00132

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When things aren’t going well in our lives and for our families, we can often trace our journey back to a time when things felt better for us. Maybe there was a clearly defined moment when things changed (such as a separation, death, or other loss) or perhaps it was less defined.

This course can help you to understand more about your own journey, as well as giving you the tools to support you and your family to move through stuck points so you all end up feeling more connected. This course is geared for parents to understand their own story, as well as the story of their children, empowering parents to change what can be changed, accept what can’t, and connect to each other in the process, which is the most important part of all.

Class 1: Why do the things that happen before we can “remember” matter anyway?

How your earliest experiences set the patterns for your life: the role of attachment and trauma from conception to age 3- the formative years. The patterns of our story and our beliefs are set during this time period.

We’ll look at implicit and explicit memory, as well as the right and left hemispheres and the “body-mind.”

What does it look like when a parent’s early attachment needs weren’t met?

Class 2: Does “attachment” matter after age 3?

What happens when a shaky attachment foundation meets stress or trauma?

What happens when a solid attachment foundation meets stress or trauma?

What does repair look like when early attachment needs weren’t met?

What does repair look like when early attachment needs were met?

Why does what happened in the parent’s early years matter when working on repair?

Class 3: Did you know that our physical bodies tell our stories? Understand the story, understand yourself.

Somatic memory: physical manifestations of our experiences. Putting the pieces together by listening to our bodies.

Using Intuitive Kinesiology (Muscle Testing) to put pieces together

Resources: Louise Hay, Body Voices, and The Body Remembers

Class 4: How to Heal Your Story Through Telling Your Story

Having support to tell your story- the critical nature of a connected, regulated, nonjudgmental listener OR creating your own through writing (and the work of James Pennebaker)

Slowing the story down to integrate right and left hemispheres of the brain (story and feelings/body experience)

Acknowledging and accepting what is without trying to change it

Class 5: What you need to know about changing your own behavior patterns. Changing Your Brain and Creating a Positive Future.

Understanding your own puzzle pieces- Intuitive Kinesiology (muscle testing)

Visualization (the power of the mind to create new neural pathways outside of physical experience)

Affirmations- accepting what is, so that you can shift toward what you want

Resources: Bruce Lipton’s work, The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman Doidge, MD

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