Podcast Episode #19 – Connecting Our Past and Future

Love, Respect, and Boundaries

What are the origins of your concepts of love and respect?

Can you separate the way you desire to parent from unhelpful past models?

Much of traditional parenting rests on a hierarchy of power and control. Love is a reward, based on meeting certain conditions. Respect is born of fear. If children fear their parents, they will respect them and obey them, hoping to earn their love by meeting their parents’ conditions.

A new model of consciously parenting is emerging. This model places unconditional love as the basis of all healthy relationships. Respect is shared mutually because we share our humanity.

The power hierarchy is intentionally turned on its side to show a connected flow of love and respect between parents and children. Boundaries are put in place to respect our kids and ourselves, in order to create an emotionally healthy family.

But how do we move from one model to another? It may be a huge leap between what we experienced growing up and what we want to create for our own kids. Subconscious cultural programming is difficult to break free from. The old story is pervasive, within our current culture and within ourselves.

This series will walk through how to progress from a limited and disconnected model of parenting to a conscious one. We’ll look deeply at our own stories in order to create space for unconditional love, mutual respect, and healthy boundaries.

The growing movement of conscious parenting is life-changing at a personal level, and transformative at a global level. Let’s jump in and learn how to change the world beginning in our own homes today.

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