Little People Big Challenges: Story Sharing


Looking for healing in your family?


Ray, Rebecca and Mary
Ray, Rebecca and Mary

Have you been through overwhelming events with your children?

Perhaps a challenging birth or an illness?

Or maybe everyone is just overwhelmed with family life right now and no one is sure how to move out of the space.

Have you been hearing about Story Sharing with babies and young children, but wondered how to do it?

Ray Castellino and Mary Jackson join Rebecca Thompson for Story Sharing: How babies and families share stories to resolve early trauma, a primer for families wanting to do deeper healing work, as well as those who are looking to create more connection. Ray and Mary’s warmth and compassion for families, and particularly for our little ones, is evident in this hour-long audio. When you’ve finished listening, you’ll:

  • Understand how to tell stories to your children for healing
  • Know if it is alright to tell a child about something overwhelming that happened to them
  • Have some amazing examples of story showing from babies and how we all show our stories
  • Identify who needs the opportunity to tell and show their stories, as well as how often
  • How to handle really intense crying from our little ones
  • What to do with our own feelings when sharing stories

Audio Recording and Transcript Available for Purchase

Set of 8 Audios and Transcripts: $75
Story Sharing Audio and Transcript: $10

 Listen in as Ray talks about starting the process of creating space for healing, and what they can expect as far as seeing change in their family. Click play HERE