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Some of the best interviews by The Consciously Parenting Project on a wide variety of topics are right here on this page. I promise you they’re worth the time to listen. Browse and see what jumps out at you as important. From sleep to talking to your kids after they’ve hurt themselves (or needed a trip to the ER or dentist), we’ve got you covered. See something missing? Email us and let us know so we can create more great resources for YOU!

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VFAJudith Simon Prager – Verbal First Aid

Book: Verbal First Aid. On the surface of things, I am a writer, a teacher, a lecturer, and a practicing clinical hypnotherapist. My writing life as taken me across a myriad of media and a number of countries, leading finally to a great respect for the power of words. I began as a novelist (The Newman Factor), became a journalist (columnist for the Australian Magazine, Follow Me), wrote for a daytime TV series (General Hospital), became Vice President, Creative Copy Supervisor of an international advertising agency in New York (Ogilvy & Mather Promotions), and, realizing through all of this how words can provoke, inspire, harm, or heal, can even influence and change a life’s course, I decided to use my skills in the service of good.

Carrie ConteyCarrie Contey, PhD – Boundaries

Carrie Contey is an internationally recognized coach, author, speaker and educator. Her work offers a new perspective on human development, parenting, family life and being a healthy, happy, whole human being. She passionately guides, supports and inspires her clients to live with a wide open and courageous heart so they can approach family life with skill and spaciousness.
Dr. Contey received her PhD in prenatal and perinatal psychology and is masterful at synthesizing and articulating the science, psychology, and spirituality of humanhood. She is the co-founder of the Slow Family Living movement and the co-author of CALMS: A Guide To Soothing Your Baby. She has appeared on NBC’s The Today Show, NPR, CBS radio and in many publications including Time, Parenting and The Boston Globe.
Currently she lives, works and plays in Austin, TX. To learn more please visit

Ray Castellino – Infant and Toddler Sleep

Raymond Castellino, DC (retired), RPP, RPE, RCST®, draws on over four decades of experience as a natural health care practitioner, consultant and teacher. His current practice focuses on the resolution of prenatal, birth and other early trauma and stress.
In addition to his work at Castellino Training, Ray is currently involved in two other projects:
• He is co-founder of About Connections with home birth midwife Mary Jackson, where they prepare families for birth, support the birth process, do follow up integration. The methods they have developed has reduced home birth transfers to the hospital from 20% to 3% in over 100 births. They also work with families and individuals of all ages to resolve the effects of early imprinting.
• He is the Clinical Director of BEBA (Building and Enhancing Bonding and Attachment), a non-profit research clinic in Santa Barbara devoted to strengthening the bonds between babies/children and their parents and optimizing children’s physical, emotional and mental development.
Dr. Castellino is a frequent presenter at national conferences including the Association for Pre- & Peri-natal Psychology and Health, the American Physical Therapy Association, the Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America, and others. He was a founding board member of the Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children.
He has been practicing and teaching prenatal and birth therapy since 1993.

StephStephanie Bachmann Mattei – NVC Needs vs. Strategies

Stephanie Bachmann Mattei, CNVC Certified Trainer from Townsend, Massachusetts, USA, the mother of 3 children (biological and adopted), was born and raised in Italy, where she earned her Bachelor in Languages and a PhD in Philosophy. Stephanie moved to the USA in 1993 after marrying her husband.
Stephanie’s core intertwined themes in life are: spirituality, parenting and healing.
Stephanie is passionate to share her understanding of NVC as a process to empower oneself and others to celebrate the humanity in one’s own being, and to encounter the humanity in the other person. In the words of Dr Bruce Perry, “Being born human does not ensure being humane.” NVC offers maps to support the journey from human to humane by providing clear tools for healing and reconciliation of warring parts within our psyche, of emerging into our wholeness, to consistently re-connect with our authenticity, and to practice the gift of mindful and compassionate presence for ourselves and others.
Parenting is Stephanie’s niche. Parenting, being a major way of transmitting our unconscious wounds as well as our conditioning to social and cultural blueprints, becomes a powerful and far-reaching tool for social transformation. As Gandhi proclaimed: “If we want to change the world we shall start with the children.” On the practical level, this led to Stephanie’s serving for over 10 years as a volunteer leader with La Leche League International, graduating from the “Parent Peer Leadership Program” in 2006 and staying involved in this BayNVC program as an Assistant first and then as a co-Trainer since 2009. Additionally, Stephanie has served both at the “NVC and Diversity Retreat” and the “New York Intensive Residential Training” as the Children’s Program founder and trainer for three consecutive years.
Aware of the specific challenges and joys of raising an adopted child, Stephanie further became a BCI (Beyond Consequences Institute) Certified Parenting Educator facilitating NVC-based telecourses and coaching adoptive families through the Consciously Parenting Project.
Finally, in Stephanie’s experience, parenting inevitably ends up being a call to integrate our unprocessed experiences and to bring healing to ourselves. To that respect, Stephanie loves tying NVC with mindfulness-based neuroscience to support self-understanding, healing and wholeness.

LysaLysa Parker – Attached at the Heart

Book: Attached at the Heart. Lysa Parker (Lisa) received her bachelor’s in education and her master’s degree in human development and family studies from the University of Alabama. She earned her designation of Certified Family Life Educator (CFLE) from the National Council on Family Relations in 2004 and is trained as a Certified Educator of Infant Massage (CEIM). Lysa is the president-elect 2013 for the Southeastern Council on Family Relations.
As cofounder of Attachment Parenting International (API), she served as the executive director for thirteen years, focusing on program development, public relations, and fundraising.
Prior to her involvement with API, she worked as a special education teacher helping children with multiple handicaps and learning difficulties. She lives with her husband in Huntsville, Alabama and is the mother of two grown sons, a stepdaughter and the grandmother of one granddaughter and twin grandsons.
Currently Lysa is a writer, speaker and parenting consultant in private practice at

SASuzanne Arms

Suzanne Arms has spent 40 years as a practical visionary, educating and advocating for a paradigm shift in how humans think about and the decisions we make about birthing babies and caring for the mother-baby pair from preconception on. An internationally renowned speaker, Arms is author-photojournalist of 7 groundbreaking books on pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, new parenting and adoption. Her book on birth, Immaculate Deception (1975 & 1997) challenged the entrenched system of modern hospital-based birth and was named a Best Book of the Year by the New York Times. In the 1970s Arms co-founded one of the first modern birth centers and created and taught one the first course in the evolution of childbirth practices. Arms founded and directs the USA-based nonprofit/charity Birthing The Future(R), which has begun a global social media campaign called THE TIME IS NOW to focus attention on Birth and the Primal Period. Suzanne lives and works in Colorado.

Pam Leo – Connection ParentingPam

Pam Leo is an independent scholar in human development, a parent educator, a certified childbirth educator, a doula, a parent, and a grandparent. She is the author of Connection Parenting.
“After my first child was born in 1972, it became my passion to understand human behavior. I began to study child development, psychology, sociology, and anthropology. I wanted to learn why we are each born as a tiny innocent being, and some of us grow up to be a Mahatma Gandhi while others become an Adolf Hitler. What determines the difference? I was determined to find out.”
“My journey has been and continues to be a wondrous one. While raising my two daughters, I supported us by being a family child care provider for children ages two to ten, fifty hours a week, fifty weeks a year, for twenty-two years. During that time I homeschooled my daughters and continued my own independent study of human development. In 1989 I developed the seven-session parenting series, “Meeting the Needs of Children” which I teach publicly and in the prison system with inmate parents.”
“The feedback I most often get from parents is, “I wish I’d had this information from the beginning.” In response to this feedback I created a prenatal parenting class. I became certified as a childbirth educator and as a doula as preparation to teach my new class. The “Bonding with Your Baby” class draws from the works of Joseph Chilton Pearce, Jean Liedloff, Ashley Montagu, and James Prescott. The class focuses on supporting expectant parents in creating the best possible foundation for a strong parent-child bond. ”
“If I had to put into one sentence all that I have learned about optimal human development and parenting it would be this: our effectiveness as parents is in direct proportion to the strength of the bond we have with our child. Securing and maintaining that bond is our primary work as parents and is the key to optimal human development.”
“My passion to learn how to support optimal human development grew into a mission to share all I had learned. In addition to teaching my classes, I have been sharing this information through my “Empowered Parents” column in the Parent & Family paper here in Maine since 1994. When one of my articles was reprinted in the Empathic Parenting Journal I was invited to work with the group of people who have now become the Alliance for Transforming the Lives of Children.”
“It’s been a dream come true to have the opportunity to work in person with many of the people who have unknowingly been my mentors. Our common bond is our passion for and dedication to working together to make this information available to all people who either raise children or impact the lives of children. ”
“I can think of no work more worthy of my time, energy, resources and love.”

Pam Leo – Alternatives in DisciplinePam2

On June 17, 2008, Pam Leo joined Rebecca Thompson for a discussion about loving alternatives in discipline. They explored ideas to help you teach your child appropriate behaviors while creating connection.
Pam Leo is the author of Connection Parenting.

MaritzaDr. Maritza Paz Fernandez – Benefits of Chiropractic

A 1992 Graduate of Life Chiropractic College in Marietta, Ga., Dr. Maritza Paz Fernandez has been serving Broward County since 1993. She is an adjunct professor for McTimoney Chiropractic College in the UK and postgraduate faculty for Life Chiropractic College and Palmer College of Chiropractic. She has training and experience in chiropractic care for children and pregnancy in addition to running a well balanced family practice. Since the year 2000, Dr. Fernandez has also been a Diplomate of the American College of Addictionology and Compulsive Disorders where she is on faculty as a teacher of Torque Release Technique and Auriculotherapy.

Jim Weiss – StorytellingJim

JIM WEISS has been a storyteller for over 25 years. In June, 1989, Jim decided to do something more with the craft that he had formerly practiced solely for pleasure. He and his wife, Randy, formed a production company, Greathall Productions, and have thus far produced forty eight (48) storytelling recordings with enticing titles from classical literature, such as Greek Myths, King Arthur and Sherlock Holmes. Jim’s Greathall line is the recipient of more than 100+ major national awards from The American Library Association, Parents’ Choice Foundation, NAPPA, the Parents’ Council, The Oppenheim Toy Portfolio, The Film Advisory Board, Parents’ Guide to Children’s Media Award and more. Weiss’ newest releases are “Julius Caesar and the Story of Rome” and “Carry On, Mr. Bowditch.”

Janet Conner – Writing Down Your Souljanet

Janet Conner is a vibrant writer, speaker, and teacher who became a catalyst for deep soul change after a series of personal traumas. Her landmark book, Writing Down Your Soul (Conari 2009), connects readers to their “extraordinary voice within” and is consistently the #1 book in its category on Amazon.
Janet’s newest book, The Lotus and the Lily (Conari Press Oct 2012) , cracks the abundance code by linking the wisdom of the inner voice with the surprising parallel teachings of Buddha and Jesus. In a profound yet simple 30-day program, Janet sheds radical new light on the “Great Paradox of Prosperity” and guides readers to create the personal receptive conditions that nourish a bountiful life. Her radio show, The Soul-Directed Life, airs Thursdays at 1pm Central/2pm Eastern on UnityFM.
Janet and her work have been featured in national media including Martha Stewart’s Whole Living, Daily Word, Daily Om, and many more. She has been invited to teach deep soul writing and other wisdom practices at The Open Center, DailyOm, En*theos Academy, and many other venues. She teaches the five courses in her trademark series Your Soul Wants Five Things, offering practical spiritual tools that help people meet their soul’s primary needs to: connect with Source, commit to values, serve a purpose, express itself, and create life.
Janet lives in Ozona, Florida, speaks nationally at conferences, churches, book events, and retreats, and teaches a series of sell out telecourses with thousands of students world wide. With her signature teaching of Your Soul Wants Five Things, Janet is fast becoming a major voice for spiritual growth and understanding in our time.
Click here for information on her speaking and workshop topics.and Events to see where she’s appearing next. Contact Janet at

roseRose Forbes – Exploring the Link between Food and Behavior

The Holistic Health and Happiness Coach
I’ve had a passion for fitness, health and wellness for over 25 years. Being a teacher is that I have always been destined to do. From the time I was a little kid playing school at home with my brother throughout my entire professional career, I have always been a teacher. Sharing my experience, talents and knowledge as a health expert feeds my purpose to be of service to people.
I’ve struggled with a variety of health issues throughout my life. In my teens I experienced debilitating panic and anxiety. In my 20′s I suffered with lower back pain from scoliosis. In my 30′s I discovered that I am prone to frequent bouts of candidiasis (yeast overgrowth) and digestive disorders. In my early 40′s the panic attacks returned with a vengeance, along with dizziness and vertigo. The astonishing truth about wellness is that it is a constantly changing dynamic. Even when living what looks like a healthy lifestyle, it’s possible to become imbalanced.
From 2006-2010 I was practicing Holistic Health Care at The Nutrition Makeover and was the Owner/Innkeeper at Green Mountain Bed & Breakfast in Asheville, North Carolina. My experience includes consulting with clients to develop customized plans for healing from illness, losing weight, improving energy and mood, reducing stress and developing better self-care practices. I use a wide variety of healing modalities to help restore your mind, body and spirit to it’s natural balance including vitamins, minerals, supplements, herbs, homeopathy, flower essences, aromatherapy, dietary restrictions or enhancements and physical fitness.
My professional training was through The Global College of Natural Medicine and the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers.  See more at

steph2Inbal Kashtan

CNVC Certified Trainer from Oakland, California, USA
Inbal Kashtan, MA, CNVC Certified Trainer, is co-founder of Bay Area Nonviolent Communication (BayNVC), co-leader of BayNVC’s North America NVC Leadership Program and the coordinator of the Center for Nonviolent Communication’s Peaceful Families, Peaceful World Project. Inbal is the author of Parenting from Your Heart: Sharing the Gifts of Compassion, Connection, and Choice, about a dozen articles and a CD: Connected Parenting: Nonviolent Communication in Daily Life. She enjoys developing curricular materials and processes for learning NVC, including the NVC Tree of Life, Body NVC and many journals that support deepening self-connection and integration of NVC consciousness and skills.
Inbal is passionate about nurturing the development of current and future NVC leaders and exploring the application of NVC in social change arenas. She aims to support people to integrate and live in NVC consciousness, and is continually moved by the beauty and power of the internal and group transformation that emerges from deep engagement with ourselves, with others and with life. Having lived through cancer, she has a renewed gratitude for life, especially with her family.

jorgeJorge Rubio

Jorge Rubio has been a certified trainer of nonviolent communication for eleven years. He has worked intensively in his country of origin, Colombia, as founder and executive director of The Foundation for Nonviolent Communication Center and participated in the Presidential program “Haz Paz”, with the intention to create a culture of peace in a country of war.
He also directed three Community Peace pilot projects with the Colombian Institute for the Welfare of the Family, and worked at the INEM School (Instituto Nacional de Educacion Media), a public school in Ibague that serves the poorest economic strata. He travels internationally to conduct workshops, and to consult and mediate with businesses, schools, organizations, police, families and individuals. He is currently working in the U.S., Spain, and Latin America trying to support the creation of living empathic networks. Recent extensive work in several regions of Bolivia has included workshops with government agencies at the national level, with child protective agencies, and with community and human rights organizations.
Jorge consults with businesses, non-profit organizations, universities, schools, governments, bar associations in the United States and other groups. He works with individuals, couples and families to transform conflicts and mediate disputes.

johnJohn Kinyon

Over the past 8 years, John Kinyon has developed, with colleague Ike Lasater, international NVC mediation trainings and year immersion programs in the U.S., Europe, Australia, and South Korea, including work with Afghan tribal elders along the Pakistani border in early 2002, where they saw first hand that despite at least eight languages being used and layers of cobbled-together, ad hoc translation, connection to universal human needs and the NVC mediation approach worked even with a real dispute that came alive in the room during the training. John has been a trainer of the international Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC) since 2000, and has studied and worked closely with NVC founder Marshall Rosenberg since 1998. John is also a co-founder of the Bay Area NVC organization (BayNVC).
John has mediated conflicts in a wide variety of contexts, including couples, family, community, business, legal contexts and institutions. In organizations he has had particular experience with small and family businesses. John’s mediation practice has included an entire graduate faculty of the University of California at Los Angeles, the Executive vice Chancellor and all the vice chancellors at another UC system university, numerous small and family businesses, families with inheritance issues, faculty and administration in alternative schools, personal and business partnership dissolutions, and individuals and groups desiring conflict coaching and communication training support.
John’s professional background is in academic psychology and psychotherapy. He received his B.A. from the University of San Francisco, where he majored in studies of psychology and philosophy and played for their nationally ranked soccer team. He went on to receive a degree in clinical psychology from Penn State University, spending 5 years of doctoral training working as a psychotherapist with individuals and groups, and as a research assistant at the Penn State Stress and Anxiety Disorders Institute. After graduate school, John helped start and develop a small commercial business before going on to full time communication and conflict resolution work. John lives with his wife and three children in the San Francisco Bay Area. For additional information about John and colleague Ike Lasater’s trainings see