Having some bumps on the road of parenting?

Want some individual support to get right to the heart of the matter with your kiddos or your partner?

Then maybe a one-on-one support consultation session with Rebecca would be a good next step for you and your family!

Rebecca works via phone, Skype and Zoom meeting (video chat) with families around the world to help create, nurture and heal connection. With a passion for understanding the story of how everyone came to this place and a way to quickly work to get to the heart of the matter, this isn’t a traditional therapy model. Rebecca works to get you reconnected, inspired, and back into your life feeling better about it all as quickly as possible.

Rebecca works with couples, whole families, individuals, and parent-child together using principles of Child-Parent Psychotherapy (for which she is certified through their 18 month program), using stories for connection and healing attachment relationships in the family.

“Rebecca Thompson has been our family/parenting coach/advisor since Fall of 2010.  We, as a family, consider ourselves very blessed to have been connected with Rebecca.  Her methods have resonated with me as the mother since I took her Story Teleclass in the fall of 2010 and then did some one on one coaching with her as follow up.  I’ve referred many families to her because I believe in her parenting philosophy and style and more importantly know she is truly devoted to her work and the parents that she serves and nourishes.  Her quiet gentle style and approach to supporting a family is incredible and has been one of the things that has made working with her for our family very important.  Each one of us in our own way has felt more than comfortable with her and know that she sincerely can appreciate each of us as our own person.  A very important trait for someone who is working with a family.  We had the good fortune of having Rebecca come visit/live/work with us in our home for 4 days in the Spring of 2011 to assist us through a very traumatic experience and we believe it is what allowed us to heal our family in ways that could not have happened had she not actually lived with us in our home for those days.  We love Rebecca and consider her to be a part of our family because we know she is honestly invested in our well~being as a family and as individuals.”

-Sofia, Robert and Isabel,  Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

Rebecca works with families in person in Palm Harbor (near Tampa, FL, USA), as well as with families around the globe via phone and Skype. Rebecca helps families move from the challenges of where they are now (with disconnections, behavior challenges, overwhelming life events, including divorce or separation, marriage challenges, birth trauma, loss or death of a loved one, illnesses and more) to the other side of the bridge where they feel more at peace and more connected with each other.

Rebecca also does in-home intensives when a family is in crisis and needs more support than can be offered in shorter sessions. More information coming on this service soon.

Rebecca offers free 30 minute sessions to work on a specific challenge and see if working together in the future is a good fit. Many times, families can head back in the right direction with just this short session.

If you’d like to work with Rebecca, she currently has some availability. Click here for session length options (single sessions and packages are available). Just purchase the session length you’d like and reply to the email you receive after you pay to schedule. Rebecca can accommodate all time zones and will find a time that works for your family.

“I always had a vision of the parent I wanted to be, but unfortunately it did not match the parent I was. Childhood influences combined with big stressors in my life and stretched me so far away from my ideal vision, that I was desperate for help. I knew I wanted to be calmer with my kids. My daughter is very sensitive and her emotional outbursts were so upsetting to me that I reacted in unhelpful ways that would actually scare me (and her) and make me feel guilty for behaving in ways that were in direct opposition from what I wanted. Why couldn’t I change? Reading books about what to do wasn’t enough. I was suffering, and my family was suffering. I knew I needed help. Luckily for all of us, I met Rebecca started working with her. The ideas she gave me were both individualized and research-based. I felt truly heard and supported, not judged or misunderstood. I shudder to think what my family would be like today if I hadn’t done this important and transformational work with Rebecca. I am still a work in progress, but I truly believe in the path I’m on today, thanks to her. I am able to keep my self calm and connect with my children, even when they are melting down (which is far less often now that I’m not melting down too!). I would recommend Rebecca and The Consciously Parenting Project to any and all parents who may be deeply struggling but who are ready and willing to step into the highest version of themselves as parents. Thank you, Rebecca!” Bethany in Ohio