4/27/2018 Newsletter: Raising Boys, Cultivating Kindness, and Stories of Encouragement

Greetings from Florida! I hope this note finds you doing well. This month, we’re sharing stories of encouragement (the effort of parenting this way is SO worth it!), stories about cultivating kindness, and we’re exploring raising emotionally healthy boys on our podcast. (Not raising a son? This conversation is also actually quite relevant whether you’re Read More


4/4/2018 Newsletter: What’s Your Child’s Experience? And what’s yours? They both matter.

Your child is having an experience, and it’s different than your experience. It seems like such an obvious statement and yet it is actually a really important concept that most of us have some trouble with, including me, as you’ll read about in this week’s blog post. We sometimes believe that we’re looking at our Read More


3/10/2018 Newsletter: Gun Violence, Safety, and Support for Families: Listening to Understand

  We have a serious problem in the United States of America with gun violence. It feels really scary to us and we’ve felt powerless to make it stop. This podcast series is about gun violence, safety, and support for families. In this first episode, we’re going to be looking at what it takes to really listen Read More


1/30/2018 Newsletter: What is a Hidden Story? Why it matters in YOUR family…

So many behaviors are a mystery, especially with our kids. It often seems like they were born a certain way with interesting idiosyncrasies. Most of the time their idiosyncrasies are cute and we don’t worry too much about them. Sometimes they’re annoying. And sometimes they’re worrisome and have an impact on our relationship. I want Read More


1/23/2018 Newsletter: Pay-what-you-can Virtual Support Course

We’re offering a virtual support class for moms* (and partners) to help you make sense of your child’s challenging behaviors so parenting can feel better for everyone. Parenting is hard work. Kids can throw some really interesting behaviors at you. It’s easy to feel like you’re drowning in advice that isn’t helpful. Maybe you secretly Read More


Happy New Year 2018!

Parenting doesn’t stop the day our children turn 18 (or 19 or 20), but is a gradual process of moving in closer for support, then moving farther away to go back out into the world. And it’s a good reminder that we are all inter-dependent beings, that we all need each other, and we need to strive to remember that when we’re parenting our children as they grow.


11/24/2017 Special Newsletter: Thanksgiving Sale! $5 Books, 50% OFF in the Learning Center + more!

Happy Thanksgiving from our families to yours! We have some great deals available this weekend – Black Friday through Cyber Monday. Click here for all the details! Know someone who would enjoy these deals? Be sure to forward this email or share on social media! Consicously Parenting E-books and Audiobooks are just $5 each! No coupon code required. Read More


10/4/2017 Monthly Newsletter: Consciously Parenting Celebrates 10 Years! Thank you Specials! And Emotional Upsets class starts today!

Consciously Parenting has been in existence now for 10 years! For 10 years, we’ve given you support to connect more with your family! Our anniversary is officially in September when we rolled out our very first website (do you remember it?!). Consciously Parenting began as a part of my quest to reconnect with my oldest Read More


9/27/2017 Special Newsletter: Hurricanes, Fires, Floods, Earthquakes: When the Unexpected Happens, Supporting Your Family

I’m currently living in Southern Mexico where we’ve had 3 substantial earthquakes in the past couple of weeks. At the same time, my boys are with in Florida (with their dad) and had to evacuate for Hurricane Irma which was forecasted to hit the west coast of Florida where we live. Then there was Hurricane Read More


9/2/2017 Monthly Newsletter: Handling Emotional Upsets

Toddlers aren’t the only ones who have emotional upsets. A big misconception I hear on a regular basis is that parents don’t need to talk about tantrums and emotional upsets because they don’t have a toddler anymore. “We’re past that phase.” This means that their kids are probably no longer throwing themselves on the floor Read More


8/2/2017 Monthly Newsletter: Attachment (not parenting), Membership Give-Away and Sale, Cruise Retreat in January

Attachment. It’s about how we connect with one another. It’s about moving away to explore in the world in developmentally appropriate ways for our age and stage of development and moving back in to connect when we need it. It’s about responsiveness as a parent. For example, a baby learning to crawl may explore on Read More


7/24/2017 Weekly Newsletter: Giving Up Punishment and Connecting with Non-Judgmental Friends and Resources (Win a membership!)

When I think about the families who are currently involved in our Learning Center Community, there’s such an interesting group with many different challenges and blessings. There are single moms raising their kids with little support and within communities of support. There are families with kids who have diagnoses and an alphabet of labels. There Read More