The Consciously Parenting Book Series

by Rebecca Thompson Hitt3 Books in Consciously Parenting Book Series


Book I – Consciously Parenting: What it Really Takes to Raise Emotionally Healthy Families


In the first book of the Consciously Parenting book series, Rebecca offers solutions that go beyond trying to change behaviors and are based on what truly matters: Building connected, trusting family relationships and bonds that can weather any situation. Her approach is grounded in science and research and uses straightforward language and examples to explain how parents can connect in deep, meaningful ways with their children. Book I lays out the 8 Principles of Consciously Parenting.

From the back cover:

As parents, we have a steady diet of conflicting information coming at us from all directions. The long list of essential dos and don’ts has most of us spinning our wheels in indecision, not knowing what we’re actually supposed to do to parent our children. We follow parenting advice from “experts” even if it doesn’t feel right because we aren’t sure what else to do or we feel that someone else must know what our child needs better than we do.

Amazon-kindle-buy-buttonAmazon-buy-buttonmp3-54x54 pdf-54x54Consciously Parenting is about listening to your own inner guidance system, trusting your own inner voice about what is needed in your family and for your child. It is also about finding what you need and finding a way to meet your own needs in a way that still respects the needs of your child and the needs of the relationship.

Book II – Creating Connection: Essential Tools for Growing Families through Conception, Birth and Beyond


The story of your family begins long before the conception of your first child and even long before your own conception. Patterns in families, for better or worse, don’t just show up out of the blue. Instead, patterns emerge as living and breathing parts of our lives through the stories we tell to ourselves and to our children, spoken or unspoken. Even though we cannot consciously remember our early lives, the memories live on in our bodies, in cellular memory. The imprint of how we were conceived, whether we were expected or wanted, how our parents adjusted to the news, and how we came into the world, are all part of our stories. And they are part of our children’s stories. What is not “remembered” consciously has a strong influence over our relationships, for better or for worse.

When we can understand our own story or the story of our child, we can make more sense of our struggles. For parents who have never connected deeply with one child, a closer look at the child’s early story can often shed light on why. A child with behavioral challenges can be understood in a different light when we revisit the whole story, rather than trying to figure out how to just make the behaviors stop. When we understand the bigger story and how that interacts with our own story, we can start to make lasting changes in our families.

Creating Connection, book 2 in the Consciously Parenting Book Series, gives you the tools and information necessary to support your growing family, whether you are beginning the journey of parenthood prior to conception, are expecting your first baby, or are a veteran parent. The information in this book will support you on your own journey of self-understanding, as well as understanding your child more deeply.

Even if you didn’t have a great beginning yourself or there were significant challenges in your child’s early life, know that there is always hope. Families are resilient. It isn’t about having the perfect set of events, but in understanding your family’s story and using some of the tools suggested to reconnect or repair those early bumps in your journey. Remember that now!

Amazon-kindle-buy-buttonAmazon-buy-buttonmp3-54x54Creating Connection isn’t about creating another reason pdf-54x54to beat yours elf up because this orthat happened or didn’t happen. Creating Connection opens the doors to deeper under-standing so you can create more connection in your family starting today.

Book III – Nurturing Connection: What Parents Need to Know about Emotional Expression and Bonding


Nurturing Connection is book 3 in the Consciously Parenting Book Series.

From the back cover:

Nurturing our relationship with our children is the heart and soul of consciously parenting. Nurturing relationships, once they are established, is really an art. It is about remembering that our children’s need for connection is a primary factor in most of their behavior. It is about recognizing that, in every parenting situation, we have choices about how we respond to our children and their behaviors. It is about seeing every parenting situation as an opportunity to create connection or disconnection. It is about looking at our everyday parenting situations and beginning to see how we can choose connection.

Amazon-kindle-buy-buttonAmazon-buy-buttonmp3-54x54pdf-54x54It is also about being able to admit when something didn’t go as planned, to forgive ourselves for not always being the parents we hope to be, and to forgive our children for not always being the children we hope they’d be.”