7/1/2017 Monthly Newsletter: NEW! Member Community and Learning Center + July Sale

Announcing our New Consciously Parenting Learning Center and Community! If you’ve been looking for ways to engage more in this paradigm of parenting from a conscious place, and long to have other parents you can connect with, resources you can rely on and dive into on your own time, and monthly support calls to help Read More


Podcast Episode #9 – Boundaries (part 1)

Christy Farr, The Unruly Woman, joins Rebecca Thompson Hitt of The Consciously Parenting Project to talk about boundaries. We all have those situations that are uncomfortable and call for some sort of sanity-saving boundary. Maybe it’s just saying no to Uncle Bob. But how do we even know what’s really true for us? Join us in this episode to connect with yourself and find your own edges.

Chinese Handcuffs

Struggling like we’re stuck in Chinese Handcuffs

I kept pulling and yanking against him like those darned Chinese Handcuffs, for nearly half an hour. And my fingers were clearly still stuck inside. The child wasn’t dressed, lunches weren’t packed, and we were at a stalemate.

Finally, I had a moment of clarity. I let go of the outcome in that second- let go of all that needed to be done. I stopped struggling. We were probably going to be late anyway. I shifted from what I needed to something that was important and fun for him, connecting with him rather than my own agenda.


The Baby Sheep and Early Patterns

Have you ever noticed something in your life where you have an unexpected reaction? Maybe it’s out of proportion to whatever is happening in the moment. Maybe you suddenly start sobbing in a movie and you didn’t see it coming. Or your child does something and you get completely over the top angry. Yet, as you reflect on it later, you have no idea why you were SO upset about it? I just had the experience of noticing something like this and thought I would share it with you.


6/26/2017 Weekly Newsletter: Show Up With What You Have

I love the conversations I’m sharing with you this week. My podcast this week is in response to some conversations about how completely unrealistic Playborhood is for those who are introverts AND another conversation I had with a friend who is discovering the importance of just showing up with what she has to build her Read More


Where Healing Happens

The baby led the way, teaching us all how to open our hearts, to dig deeper, and to touch our authentic selves. At only a few months old, he had no agenda other than to communicate and to connect deeply with his parents, both of whom are hurting. And maybe he helped them to dig a little deeper into themselves and to move just a little closer to each other in this moment, the only moment we know for sure that we have together.


6/19/2017 Weekly Newsletter: Growing Community Organically

I feel like I’m constantly reinventing myself. Maybe it’s as my kids have grown from infant to toddler to teens and I need to be a different parent to them. Maybe it’s just as I have grown myself from all my experiences. It’s really a very organic process. It’s one that I hardly notice until Read More


Podcast Episode #7 – Growing Community Organically

Scott Noelle and Rebecca Thompson Hitt conclude their conversation about creating community with some innovative ideas you can apply in your own family in your own neighborhood.


Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

May you find deep healing for yourself through the challenges of your life, rather than in spite of them. The gifts will rise out of the ashes of your old life, your old worldview, and you will find a new and deeper wholeness. Just know it is there for you to claim after the flames have subsided.