7/3/2017 Weekly Newsletter: Finding Our Own Edges

I’m in a space right now of finding my own edges. What is true for me- what is a yes within myself and what is a no. I’ve said no to the big house and what felt overwhelming for me and said yes to traveling. I’ve said yes to more time with my oldest before he launches into the world, yes to learning Spanish, and yes to meeting new people and exploring community by living in Mexico for a few months. And even now, I’m figuring out what is a yes for me when we finish our current adventure.

Finding our own edges is such an important part of parenting consciously. We need to know what is true for us in this moment. It is important for us to stay connected to our kids to keep everyone safe from the physical dangers as well as the emotional ones. This is how we know within ourselves that leaving our baby to cry isn’t the right decision for us. Or that our teen isn’t ready for that next step into the world. Or that Uncle Bob has overstepped his boundaries with you or your kids.

Our podcast this week (which is only about 20 minutes long) is all about finding YOUR OWN edges. Load it up on your phone and listen and let me know what you think!

Noticing our reactions to experiences we’re having is another way we can learn more about ourselves and our own early patterns. I shared the story of my husband and the baby sheep’s weaning to talk about how our own early patterns can emerge in ways that surprise us, but that can help us to shed more light onto who we are, what we need, and create curiosity about our own early experiences.

From the archives, check out a post I wrote several years ago about those day to day experiences when we’re struggling. The answer is usually not moving in the direction we think. It’s a sweet story with a happy ending. And check out The Myth of Independence, which is all about how our children need us much longer than we think and that dependence is actually critical for our kids to become truly independent in a healthy way.

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