7/10/2017 Weekly Newsletter: Boundaries with “Uncle Bob,” 2-year certification training, and new Learning Center Membership Give-Aways!

When you were growing up, what happened when someone went beyond the appropriate? Whether it was your younger sister throwing things at you or your crazy Uncle Bob dropping by and not leaving for several weeks, we all have stories about boundaries that weren’t respected.

Most of us didn’t experience healthy boundaries. A healthy boundary is one in which everyone’s needs are respected. (That’s different than everyone getting what they want…) Sometimes not directly answering the question can work, but other times it needs a little more definition and clarity to make sure the message is coming across in a way that still respects the other person.

On Friday’s podcast last week, Christy Farr and I explored boundaries with the metaphorical “Uncle Bob” and what that can look and feel like in real life within the family. “Uncle Bob” represents those people in your life who you want or need to have a relationship with, but it just isn’t working for one reason or another. Christy walks us through stages of boundaries to stay in connection. Worth the listen.

Guest blogger Angelle Gremillion continues our conversation about boundaries with “Know Your Neighbor,” a story about a challenging neighbor and a definitely needed boundary. It’s the story I think we can all relate to of finding friends where we live and how we need to find someone whose crazy matches ours!

From the archives, “Our Needs VS Their Needs” talks more about boundaries in parenting our kids and how we can’t forget about our needs in the process of parenting or it’s not going to feel good to anyone.

And from the archives also, “The Case Against Breastfeeding” was written in response to an article written by a mother who blamed society for requiring her to breastfeed. I think it’s an excellent way to continue the conversation of taking personal responsibility in whatever decisions we make in parenting and finding our own boundaries so that we can respect and maintain our relationship with our children.

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Podcast Episode 10: Boundaries (part 2)

Episode 10 is up! Christy Farr, The Unruly Woman, joins Rebecca Thompson Hitt of The Consciously Parenting Project to talk more about “Uncle Bob” and how to stay in relationship with him while still maintaining your own boundaries so it feels good to you and your family in the process.

Blog Recap:

Knowing Your Neighbor

Guest blogger Angelle Gremillion writes about how listening to your gut when faced with a challenging social situation is hard. We don’t want to believe bad things are happening in the moment. However, when presented with someone that shows you unkindness or frightening opposition, listen to that feeling. Believe yourself. Click to read.


The Case Against Breastfeeding

From the Consciously Parenting achives:

America seems full of finger-pointing and, in general, we like to blame someone else for our problems. People sued McDonald’s when their coffee was too hot and won. It wasn’t their fault that the coffee was hot, after all, and they burned themselves. If the problem exists outside of ourselves, then it really isn’t about us. We don’t need to make a change. But if we can recognize that there is probably a small part that is our responsibility, that means that we can make it different. Click to read



Needs: Ours vs Theirs? Is there a better way?

From the Consciously Parenting archives: “I’m really struggling with nursing my 2 year old,” the mother confided. “I can’t say this to very many people because most people just say that I should wean. But that doesn’t feel right to me, either. So I nurse her even though I really don’t feel like it and I resent her for it. I want to meet Sarah’s needs and I want to be the best parent I can for my daughter, but this isn’t working for me.” Click to read.

Click to read more on the blog

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