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Your Baby Needs YOU

When I was expecting my first child, the facilitator of my childbirth
class said something that I have never forgotten: “Your baby doesn’t
care about any baby gadgets. All that your baby needs is you. The most
important thing you can give your baby is you.”

Aug 18th 1:00pm • No Comments

Responsive Care

Babies and young children need us to be responsive to their
communications—especially their cries. We cannot teach our young
children to not have needs. When we fail to respond to them, we only
teach them to disconnect from their needs.

Aug 15th 1:00pm • 1 Comment

Crying: An Opportunity for Connection

Part of parenting is realizing that babies, like adults, will have
times when they’re upset. And just like us, children need us to be
with them when they cry, even if we don’t understand why they’re
upset. When your child is having a hard day, remember that you have an
opportunity to connect with him.

Aug 13th 1:00pm • No Comments

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