Podcast Episode #16 – Finding Your Family’s Educational Path

Deciding on the educational path for your family is super important as it impacts every other area of your life. (Ask any parent who is struggling with homework every night or for whom homeschooling isn’t working!) Finding an environment that works for your family isn’t as simple as pointing your sails in a direction and going that way. Conscious parents often re-evaluate their path to assess whether it’s really working for everyone.

In this series, we’ll be looking at different educational options, speaking with parents and children who are having very different educational experiences, and teasing out when something isn’t working and needs to be adjusted and when an educational environment needs a complete overhaul. It’s about helping you to find your own way, whatever that looks like for you and your family!


Consciously Meal Planning?

Originally published on The Consciously Parenting Blog February 7, 2010 When I became a parent, I didn’t know how to cook. OK, maybe that’s not entirely true. I could cook bacon, scrambled eggs, toast, and I could make a grilled cheese sandwich. Oh, and hamburger helper. I could do that. My husband, on the other hand, Read More


Back to Homeschool: Summer Break Isn’t For Us

We’ve always been a homeschool family, and we love it. I love the flexibility of being able to travel and visit theme parks during the week (we live about an hour from Orlando), and generally do things however and whenever I want to do them. We are eclectic homeschoolers, taking bits and pieces from different Read More


Podcast Episode #15 – An Attached Parent for Life

What is a “normal parent”? Can conscious parents look to our current collective culture for attached parent models?

Studies are showing the number of children experiencing healthy emotional attachment are “abysmally low” for a modern and “advanced” society. Is parenting keeping pace with progress?

Parents today need courage to step away from the mainstream practices that are failing to foster healthy attachment.


Coloring into Regulation

Originally published on The Consciously Parenting Blog June 10, 2009 We’re really adjusting right now. School has let out and my older son is now home for the summer. We’ve had some pretty big ups and downs over the past week as we all work toward our new normal. Summer provides many opportunities to learn those Read More


Podcast Episode #14 – Is Your Parenting Leading to Secure Attachment?

Parents today are being given mixed messages about attachment parenting. With heavy workloads, lack of support, children with high needs, and conflicting parenting advice, many parents feel attachment parenting requires too much of them.

The truth is, responsiveness to stress and upset, and attunement to big emotions builds secure attachment – and this can be created consciously at any age or family stage.


Parenting at 36,000 Feet

I’m traveling with my boys today by myself, flying to the Midwest from chilly Florida in search of snow and to spend time with the grandparents. Amazing how it gets so much easier as they grow older and I grow wiser, more conscious about what I’m doing and the assumptions I make as a parent.


8/2/17 Monthly Newsletter: Attachment (not parenting), Membership Give-Away and Sale, Cruise Retreat in January

Attachment. It’s about how we connect with one another. It’s about moving away to explore in the world in developmentally appropriate ways for our age and stage of development and moving back in to connect when we need it. It’s about responsiveness as a parent. For example, a baby learning to crawl may explore on Read More