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What do you want to leave behind in the New Year? What do you want for your family in 2015? If you'd like to read what other families have shared, follow the link in the comments. Or add your own below!

Dec 10th 11:55pm • 1 Comment

A Consciously Parenting alternative to the "I am your parent, I will stalk you" meme that's going around. What do you think?

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Dec 7th 11:59am • 4 Comments

Having a rough day? Would you like to feel a little bit better about how you're coping? Watch my goofy video about dysregulation. Not necessarily the best way to cope when stressed, but it is the reality sometimes. What do you think?


Regulation vs Dysregulation: A Demonstration | Consciously Parenting Academy


28 Nov 2014 Regulation vs Dysregulation: A Demonstration by admin | posted in: From Rebecca | 0 Transforming Your Family for the New Year (multi-media page) http://consciouslyparentingacademy.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/Transformation-New-Year-2014.3.mp3 Listen to the audio of this post above or…

Nov 29th 10:53pm • No Comments