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I'm offering free listening this weekend to When the Unexpected Happens, my 8 part audio series. Take a listen. Share with someone you know who's going through a rough patch.

Several years ago, I realized that many of my clients were all going through unexpected life-changing events. They were all asking me how to stay connected in their families while these unexpected things were happening. How could they support themselves? How could they support their kids? The death of a parent, sudden divorce of one of my client's parents, adoption of a child with special needs, and a family member's suicide, this was more than enough to prompt me to create something that could help.

This is part of my new Academy. Good stuff in there.


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Would you like someone who speaks baby to help you understand your little one? Check out our free series on Healing Stories for Early Parenting now! It's free this weekend only!

This is part of our new Academy, an affordable resource for quality parenting information based on the latest research that you can actually apply to your family right now.


Class - Healing Stories | Early Parenting - Consciously Parenting Academy


Overview If you’re looking for information and tools to help you connect with your little ones, Healing Stories is for you! We’ll be exploring the idea that your child has a story that begins at conception (and some would argue … Continued

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We have a very special deal going on this weekend only for our Academy! This is the hub where you can get affordable parenting support on your own time. (Up to 68% off memberships now!)




Real Challenges, Real Relationships, Real Solutions with Heart. Join the Consciously Parenting Academy for a free three day trial to start walking your path of parenting from a place of love

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