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Investment of Your TIME

Invest in time connecting with your children. Connect before you go
off to work and school, connect before breakfast, connect in the
middle of the day, connect before bed, and connect when coming back
together after a separation. When you prioritize the relationship and
time with your child, your child feels important and is more likely to
cooperate. Many parents share how simply making an effort to connect
more often with their children results in big shifts in overall
cooperation and peace in the family.

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Time-In, NOT Time-Out

When behavior issues arise, practice time in, rather than time out.
Our children need to connect with us and, by doing so, learn to
regulate themselves, rather than be isolated for misbehavior.

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Comforting Touch

Our children need lots of continued physical contact long after
infancy. Children with a strong attachment will seek out physical
touch and comfort when they are feeling overwhelmed.

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